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    SC09/SC09-FX/USB-SC09/USB-SC09-FX SC09 is cable type, it is used for MItsbishi PLC SC09 is Mitsubishi MELSEC FX & A series PLC Cable RS232 to RS422 adapter,USB-SC09 is USB interface.SC09-FX is Mitsubishi MELSEC FX series PLC Cable RS232 to RS422 adapter,USB-SC09-FX plc programming cable is USB interface. SC09 cable pinout USB-SC09-FX Cable Pinout Mitsubishi USB-SC09-FX Driver Download USB-SC09 […]

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    What is USB-PPI? USB-PPI Cable is used for Siemens PLC S7-200 plc,ppi is Siemens plc interface. you can use usb-ppi upload and download program. How do you connect PC and PLC(PPI) USB-PPI Cable Driver

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