MicroLongix RS232 communication method

Ready to work:
a computer with AB software installed,
One AB PLC MicroLongix 1000,
One cable is 1747-UIC
One cable is 1761-CBL-PM02. Please pull the DIP switch on the 1747-UIC cable to the RS232 (DH485) position (as shown).

2. Connect the 9-pin female connector of the 1746-CBL-PM02 cable to the 9-pin male connector of the 1747-UIC cable, and connect the round head of the 1747-CBL-PM02 to the AB PLC. (as shown in the picture)

3. Install the 1747-UIC cable driver. The cable will generate the port in the device manager. The driver installation instructions are not described here. (here is COM4 as an example)

4. Open the AB communication software and set up the port and communication protocol to communicate.

5. Upload the PLC program to your computer.

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