TSXPCX3030-C Driver

TSXPCX3030-C cable is used with Schneider Electric’s Modicon PLCs for programming and communication.

1, TSXPCX3030-C is the TSXPCX3030-C cable driver, please install it first.

2. When programming the Twido series PLC with the TSXPCX3030-C cable, in addition to installing the programming software, you need to install the Modbus driver. The Modbus driver version cannot be lower than 1.1.

3. When the user uses the PL7 software to program the Micro or Premium series PLC, the Uni-telway driver needs to be installed. The Uni-telway driver cannot be lower than 1.6.


2 thoughts on “TSXPCX3030-C Driver”

  1. Hi, I have recently bought the blue version of this cable, TSXOCX3030-C to communicate with a TSXP57103M PLC. And I can’t get the untelway driver to have communication.
    I use windows XP and the CH340 driver is well installed and recognizes the cable. I have installed the version 1.6 that is on the web page and I have configured it as the video shows. But in the Test it does not show any packets sending or receiving. If you use an original cable it works without problems.
    Any suggestion?


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