The USB-SC09-FX cable is a programming and communication cable that can be used to connect a Mitsubishi PLC (programmable logic controller) from the FX0N, FX1N, FX2N, FX0S, FX1S, FX3U, or FX3G series to a computer for programming and communication purposes. It uses a USB connection and requires a device driver to be installed on the computer to function properly. This driver is known as the USB SC09-FX driver. Once installed, the driver allows the computer to communicate with the PLC using the Mitsubishi GX Works2 software.


Difference between Mitsubishi PLC programming cable USB-SC09 and USB-SC09-FX:

the main difference between the USB-SC09-FX and USB-SC09 cables lies in their compatibility. The USB-SC09-FX is specifically tailored for use with the Mitsubishi FX series, while the USB-SC09 is compatible with both the Mitsubishi FX series and A series PLCs.

USB-SC09-FX Pinout

MITSUBISHI PLC round head 8 pin rs422 interface definition

usb-sc09-fx cable pinout
USB-sc09-fx cable MD8 pinout
usb-sc09-fx cable pinout
USB-sc09-fx cable MD8

USB-SC09-FX Driver Download

the usb-sc09-fx driver support windows 7 10 64bit

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