How to Use RSLOGIX 500 software

RSLogix 500 is a software platform developed by Rockwell Automation for programming industrial control systems. It is used to develop ladder logic programs and Human Machine Interface (HMI) applications for a range of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and other automation devices.

Rslogix500 is a programming tool for the SLC500 series and MicroLogix controllers. here is how to use rslogix 500 software

(1) RS232 serial cable (model: 1747-CP3) connects the computer serial port and SLC serial port.
(2) Run Rslinx software

In the Rslinx software form menu, select Communications- Configure Drivers

In the Configure Drivers- Available Drivers dialog box, select Ethernet to PLC-5 or 5820-EI
Click Add new to enter the Add New Rslinx Driver dialog box.

In Add New Rslinx Driver, the device name specified by the user (generally the default is acceptable), click OK
Enter Configure Driver for Ethernet to PLC-5 or 5820-EI

In the window Configure Driver for Ethernet to PLC-5 or 5820-EI, the user must specify the IP address of the SLC to communicate between the Ethernet SLC and the computer. After filling in the IP address, click Accept;
Fill in the IP address of the computer, click Accept, and click OK.

Go back to Configure Drivers and see AB_ETH-1 A-B Ethernet RUNNING

Available Drivers–Select RS-232 DF1 Devices and click Add new to enter Configure Allen-Bradley DF1 Communications Device

Fill in the serial port number in Comm Port, Device must select SLC-CH0 / Micro / PanelView, and then click Auto-Configure, see Auto Configuration Successful on the right! Click OK.

Return to Configure Drivers, see AB_DF1-1 DH485 sta: 0 com1: RUNNING in the Configured Drivers, and click Close.

Return to the Rslinx software and see AB_DF-1, DH-485, and AB_ETH-1, Ethernet.
The SLC5 / 05 processor in AB_DF-1 and the SLC processor in AB_ETH-1 are crossed and cannot communicate

(3) Run Rslogix500 software

In the Rslogix500 software menu, select File ——> New,
Select Processor Type, fill in the name of the processor in the Processor Name, select the communication protocol of the processor in Communication Settings ——> Driver; click Who Active (select the node address of the processor),
Rslinx Gateway, select SLC-5 / 05 in AB_DF-1, DH485 network, click OK; return to Select Processor Type, click OK, and enter Rslogix500 software programming form.

Select Controller on the left side of Rslogix500 software, enter Controller Properties, reselect the model and name of the processor in the General menu, reselect the communication protocol in the Controller Communications menu, and click OK.

Select IO Configure, and click Read IO Config. (Or configure according to the I / O frame, power supply, and I / O module used by the user) to enter Read IO Configure from Online Processor

Click Read IO Config in Read IO Configuration from Online Processor. Return to I / O Configuration, see the frame and I / O module have been automatically configured

Select Channel Configuration, fill in the IP address of SLC-5 / 05 in the IP Address box of the Chan.1-System menu (must be the same as the processor IP address specified in the Rslinx software), and fill in the mask in the Subnet Mask (Generally 255 · 255 · 255 · 0), Bootp Enable empty, click Apply, and click OK.


Return to the Rslogix500 software, and select Comms——Download on the menu (before Download, the SLC processor switch must be switched to Program or Test state), some dialog boxes will appear during the Download process, and all answers OK or Apply. Do You want to go Online appears? Click Yes to return to programming. You can see the ladder in the menu is rotating, and the Download is successful.

Re-enter the Rslinx software, you can see that the SLC processors in the two networks are running, and the network configuration is successful, unplug the RS-232 serial cable for configuration

Rslogix500 Program

Rslogix500 software has three programming modes: offline programming mode, online programming mode, and simulation programming mode. They have their advantages and disadvantages.

Offline programming

Advantages: Offline programming is very flexible, programming can be carried out at will, and is not limited by the processor. Disadvantages: the steps are cumbersome, the program cannot be debugged after the program is compiled, and the running status of the program cannot be observed.

(1) Create a new document
Run the Rslogix500 software, select File——New, Select Processor Type, fill in the Processor Name in the Processor Name, select the type of processor used, select the network communication in the Communication settings Driver Agreement, and click OK to enter Rslogix500 software

(2) Configure the processor
Select Controller Properties in programming, you can re-select the processor name, model, network protocol, etc., and click OK when finished.

(3) Configure I / 0 module
Select I / O Configuration
Select the framework used by the user in Racks
Select the I / O module in the frame in Current Cards Available
Select the frame power supply in PowerSupply,
Close the window when finished.

(4) Configure the processor channel
Select Channel Configuration, fill in the IP address of the SLC processor in the IP Address of Chan.1-System menu (must be the same as the IP address specified by Rslinx software), the Bootp Enable option is empty, click Apply, and click OK.

(5) Program ladder diagram
Program the ladder diagram in LAD2. After editing the program, select Verify File in Edit to verify the program. If there are errors, you can modify them.

(6) Save the program
If the program is correct, select Save As in File, fill in the file name you want in the File name, select RSLogix files type (* .RSS) in Save as type, click Save, and the file is successfully saved.

(7) Download the program (the switch of the SLC processor must be switched to Program or Test state)

If you want to debug the program, you must download the program to the processor and perform online debugging to get the result. The download process is similar to the download process during the configuration

(8) Run the program
Turn the processor switch to the Run state, and the program runs.

Online programming

Advantages: simple programming steps, online debugging and running at any time, and results can be obtained.
Disadvantages: Due to programming errors, may cause damage to the processor, equipment, or personnel.

(1) Establish an online connection
Run the Rslinx software, select Configure Driver in Communications, select the network protocol of the corresponding processor-> click Add New-> click Close, return to the Rslinx form, and see that the processor is running in the corresponding network.

(2) Create a new document
Enter New-Who Active-Rslinx Gateway, select the corresponding processor, click OK, return to the New dialog box, and click OK.

(3) Configure the processor
The steps are similar to offline configuration, except that in the Controller Communications menu, as long as you click Who Active, the following steps are the same as step (2).

(4) Configure I / O module
Select IO Configuration-Read IO Config-Read IO Configuration Online Processor-Read IO Config-IO Configuration, you can see that the IO module has been configured.

(5) Configure the processor channel The steps are the same as the offline configuration.

(6) Download an empty program
The steps are the same as an offline download.


(7) Online programming
When performing online programming, the switch of the processor must be set to Test, programming in the Remote Program state, and running in the Remote Run state.

(8) Save procedure The steps are the same as offline saving.

Emulate programming (recommended)

Advantages: No need for SLC processor support, replace the processor with software, can debug the program at any time without danger.
Disadvantages: Some instructions cannot be simulated, and the simulation software (current version) cannot support the SLC-5 / 05 processor.

(1) Create a simulation file
The procedure for creating a new file is the same as creating a new file by offline programming. Select Emu500-1 in the Communication Settings Driver box.
(2) Configuring the processor is the same as offline programming.
(3) Configure I / O module is the same as offline programming.
(4) Save the file
Same as offline programming, except that *.ACH must be selected when selecting Save as type.
(5) Run simulation software
Run Rsemulate500 software, and open the *.ACH file saved by Rslogix500 software.

(6) Connect online
Run Rslinx software, and add SLC500 (DH485) Emulator when adding network protocol. After the addition is successful, the processor icon appears on the corresponding network, and the connection is successful. (7) Online programming and running Return to the Rslogix500 programming form, click Go online to go online for online programming; click Run to run.

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