Plug in the 1747-UIC adapter of the USB port and install the 1747-UIC hardware driver according to the manual. It is best to use it under XP SP2. The driver of USB DH-485 Serial port COM3 (USB to the virtual serial port) displayed in the device manager is normal No, you need to reinstall the 1747-UIC hardware driver again.

Under XP SP3, only USB Serial port COM3 may be displayed.

Start RSLINX and add DH485-UIC driver.

1747-UIC adapter DIP to DH485, docking with RJ45 port, RSLINX choose AB-UIC-1 driver to connect to SLC500 / 01.


1747-UIC & USB-1747-PIC Driver

1747-UIC Manual

1747-uic cable pinout

The User Manual recommends a bunch of Allen-Bradley part numbers, including the 1747-CP3, to connect the RS-232 port of the 1747-UIC to your SLC-5/03 serial port. [1747-UIC Manual]The 1747-CP3 is a “null modem” type cable, so pins 2 and 3 are swapped and pin 5 goes straight through. You can find the complete wiring diagram in the RA Knowledgebase. For the RS-485 side, the cable is a 1747-C13.

For Allen Bradley SLC 500 Programming Cable 1747-UIC

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