What is 1747-UIC?

The 1747-UIC is indeed a USB to DH-485 interface converter manufactured by Rockwell Automation, specifically designed to facilitate communication between a computer’s USB port and devices that use the DH-485 protocol. This converter serves as a bridge between modern computers with USB ports and older industrial automation equipment that communicates using the DH-485 protocol, which is commonly found in Allen-Bradley programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and related devices.

How do Connect to 1747-UIC?

  • Plug in the 1747-UIC adapter of the USB port and install the 1747-UIC hardware driver according to the manual. It is best to use it under XP SP2. The driver of USB DH-485 Serial port COM3 (USB to the virtual serial port) displayed in the device manager is average No, you need to reinstall the 1747-UIC hardware driver again.
  • Under XP SP3, only USB Serial port COM3 may be displayed.
  • Start RSLINX and add DH485-UIC driver.
  • 1747-UIC adapter DIP to DH485, docking with RJ45 port, RSLINX choose AB-UIC-1 driver to connect to SLC500 / 01.

1747-UIC & USB-1747-PIC Driver

1747-UIC is a USB version of the 1747-PIC and is fully compatible with Windows 7, 8, and 10 (32 or 64-bit)

1747-pic direct replacement cable for Allen Bradley Programming Cable communication/programming the SLC 5/00, 5/01, 5/02 or 5/03
1747-PIC will not work with a USB adapter, you have to have a real serial port.
If using Windows XP service pack 3, please make some changes to your system, the 1747-PIC is not supported by Rockwell, so RSLinx will not work.

The 1747-C13 cable is not needed as it is built as part of the cable.

You will also need RSLinx 2.53 or greater, RSLinx is free from Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley) and can be downloaded.

1747 Uic Driver

SLC RS485 Communication

  1. Connect the cable to the PLC and power on the PLC.
  2. Install the driver. Generate a serial port.
  3. Open the AB programming software and remove the Always Run As Service.
  4. Add a communication protocol, set the port, and change Error Checking to CRC.
  5. If the communication is successful, the corresponding PLC model will be displayed. (such as mouse operation)
  6. Download the program.
  7. The program upload is completed, and the operation is completed.

MicroLongix RS232 Communication

Ready to work:
a computer with AB software installed, One AB PLC MicroLongix 1000, One cable is 1747-UIC One line is 1761-CBL-PM02.

1. Please pull the DIP switch on the 1747-UIC cable to the RS232 (DH485) position (as shown).

2. Connect the 9-pin female connector of the 1746-CBL-PM02 cable to the 9-pin male connector of the 1747-UIC cable, and connect the round head of the 1747-CBL-PM02 to the AB PLC. (as shown in the picture)

3. Install the 1747-UIC cable driver. The cable will generate the port in the device manager. The driver installation instructions are not described here. (here is COM4 as an example)

4. Open the AB communication software and set up the port and communication protocol to communicate.

5. Upload the PLC program to your computer.

1747-UIC Cable Pinout

The User Manual recommends a bunch of Allen-Bradley part numbers, including the 1747-CP3, to connect the RS-232 port of the 1747-UIC to your SLC-5/03 serial port. [1747-UIC Manual]The 1747-CP3 is a “null modem” type cable, so pins 2 and 3 are swapped and pin 5 goes straight through. You can find the complete wiring diagram in the RA Knowledgebase. For the RS-485 side, the cable is a 1747-C13.

For Allen Bradley SLC 500 Programming Cable 1747-UIC

1747-UIC Manual

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