The QC30R2 is a communication cable that is used to connect a Mitsubishi Q Series PLC (programmable logic controller) to an RS232 serial port. It is used to transmit data between the PLC and a computer or other device that is equipped with an RS232 serial port. The QC30R2 cable is typically used for programming and debugging the PLC, as well as for transmitting data between the PLC and other devices. The cable is typically used in industrial automation applications, where it is used to control and monitor various processes and equipment.

How to use Mitsubishi Usb-Qc30r2 Cable?

Mitsubishi USB-QC30R2 programming cable is emulated into a traditional serial port (commonly known as COM port) through the USB port of the computer so that the existing various programming software, communication software, and monitoring software are used. This cable is suitable for Mitsubishi Q series PLC

QC30R2 Cable Pinout

qc30r2 cable diagram
qc30r2 cable diagram

How to use USB-QC30R2

  1. USB-QC30R2 programming cable requires a USB driver to be installed (USB qc30r2 driver download)
  2. After the driver installation is completed, the COM port corresponding to the USB-QC30R2 programming cable will appear in the Windows device manager. Just select the COM port in the programming software, which is exactly the same as the serial programming cable QC30R2.
  3. When using, first insert the cable into the USB port of the computer, and then insert the 6-pin round port into the Q PLC
  4. Open-Explorer-View COM slogan by clicking with the mouse-My Computer-Control Panel-Administrative Tools-Computer Management-Device Manager-Port (COM and PT) -Prolific USB-to-SerialComm (COMx)
    This COMx is the COM port used by the USB programming cable
  5. Open the programming software GX DEVELOPER, open-online-transmission settings, and double-click-serial port (USB)-set the COM port, and set the baud rate to 9600BPS to communicate
device manager com port
Com Port
gx develop software serial port

USB QC30R2 Driver Download

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