Mitsubishi sc09 plc programming cable

The Mitsubishi SC09 cable is a programming and communication cable that can be used to connect a Mitsubishi PLC (programmable logic controller) from the FX0, FX0S, FX1S, FX0N, FX1N, or FX2N series to a computer for programming and communication purposes. It is also known as the Mitsubishi FX programming cable and is used with the Mitsubishi GX Works2 software for programming the PLC. The cable is not compatible with other PLC brands or models, and will only work with the specific series of Mitsubishi PLCs mentioned above. It is typically used for automation and control applications in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, transportation, and energy.

Difference between Mitsubishi PLC programming cable USB-SC09 and What is the difference between Mitsubishi PLC programming cable USB-SC09 and USB-SC09-FX

USB-SC09-FX is only used for Mitsubishi FX series, USB-SC09 is generally used for Mitsubishi FX series and A series

And FX-USB-AW is for Mitsubishi FX3U 3G 1N 2N 1S Series PLC Programming Cable Replaced by USB-SC09-FX

Mitsubishi PLC round head 8-pin rs422 interface definition
Mitsubishi plc pin interface diagram
sc09 programming cable diagram
sc09 programming cable diagram
sc09 programming cable diagram
sc09 programming cable diagram
Mitsubishi FX series programming cable self-made method wiring diagram

How to use USB-sc09 cable?

The USB-SC09 programming cable requires a USB device driver to be used.
After the driver installation is complete, the COM port corresponding to the USB-SC09 programming cable will appear in the Windows device manager. Just select the COM port in the programming software or other application software. Other communication parameters use the default settings. The next use is the same as the traditional RS232 port programming cable. A
Note: DB25M plug and MD8M plug at the RS422 end cannot be used at the same time.

USB-sc09 driver free download

amsamotion USB-sc09-fx driver download

usb-sc09-fx plc programming cable

sc09 programming cable

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