Siemens s7-200plc multi-master ppi programming cable with isolated USB interface, directly use the USB interface in step7microwin software, no need to install drivers, support ppi, multi-master ppi, advanced ppi protocol, support 187.5 kbps high-speed communication, with communication indicator.

6ES7901-3DB30-0XA0 is an intelligent multi-master PPI programming cable (PPI Multi-Master Cable) with a USB interface, which realizes level conversion from USB to RS485 and various PPI protocol conversions. At present, many cheap USB/PPI on the market communicate by converting USB into the virtual serial port (COM port), commonly known as a “pseudo-USB interface”. This kind of cable is only a level conversion from USB to RS485 and can only support ordinary PPI protocol. And USB/PPIM+ is a real USB interface cable, no need to install a driver, directly use the USB option in STEP7 Micro/WIN software, support PPI, advanced PPI (Advanced PPI), multi-master PPI (Multiple Master Network) protocol, Support 187.5Kbps high-speed communication, and can hold tokens in multi-master PPI network.

This cable is 100% compatible with the original Siemens USB multi-master cable 6ES7 901-3DB30-0XA0. The difference is that the working power source is taken from the USB port of the computer and is powered by DC/DC isolation. It is no longer powered by the PLC port. It is easy to extend the communication distance of the RS485 terminal without considering the power supply. The light-emitting diode on the conversion box indicates the status of data transmission and reception.

6ES7901-3DB30-0XA0 can communicate with S7-200PLC and also supports communication with Siemens touch screen.

The 6ES7901-3DB30-0XA0 cable is an optically isolated cable for industrial design. It is equipped with surge protection and lightning protection circuits on both RS485 and USB ports. It can be plugged in and unplugged at will. It is suitable for Siemens S7-200 series PLC, It is especially suitable for industrial sites where the communication port is easily damaged due to large interference. Various protection measures in the circuit ensure the safe operation of the system.

How to use 6ES7901-3DB30-0XA0

Software Step 7 Microwin Siemens

1, Enter the “Set PG/PC interface” in STEP7 Micro/WIN programming software, select the “PC/PPI cable (PPI)” item, and click the “Properties…” button.

2, Select the “USB” option in the drop-down box of “Local Connection”.

3, Set the following settings in the Station Parameters setting of “PPI”: Address: 0, Timeout: 1s. 

In the Network Parameters setting of “PPI”, you can choose any of the following communication protocols according to your needs:   

Advanced PPI: check the Advanced PPI check box;   
Multi-master PPI: check the Multiple Master Network check box;
Normal PPI: Do not check the above two checkboxes, this is the default option.  

Select a baud rate in the baud rate drop-down box to make it the same as the baud rate of the PLC. If you do not know the baud rate of the PLC, you can choose a value at will.  
Click the “OK” button to return to the main menu interface.

4, Click the “Communication” button on the main menu interface to enter the PLC connection interface, check the “Search all baud rates” check box, and then double-click “Double-click to refresh”, after a while, the PLC model and address connected to the cable will appear to Wait for information, which means that a connection has been established with the PLC. After clicking the “Confirm” button, you can upload, download the program and monitor it.

Where can I download the PPI 6es7901-3db30-0xa0 driver

The drivers for the USB/PPI adapter are included in Microwin 4.0 s7-200 plc software.
When installing Microwin (4.0) you are asked to install the drivers, select yes.

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