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Delta Servo Motor ASDA-B2 User-Manual

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ASDA Soft V4.08.09 DELTA Servo Software

ASDA Soft V4.08.09 is the software used to configure the old DELTA Servo‚Äôs including models: ASDA-A / A+ /AB / B / A2 / B2 series

ASDA-Soft v3.02.16 (ASDA-A and ASDA-B Legacy Series)


ASDA-A2, ASDA-B2,ASDA-M, ASDA-S, ASDA-A2R series, includes ASDA_MSizing

ASDA-B2 Servo driver connection problems can use the version below.

ASDA-Soft v5.3.3.0

ASDA Soft V6.2.0.0 DELTA Servo Software
Firmware Update Tool V2.1.0.10

AC Servo ASDA-A3 series/ASDA-A3 series/ASDA-A3L series/ASDA-A3E series/
ASDA-A3F series/ASDA-A3T series/ASDA-A3N series/AC Servo ASDA-B3 series/ASDA-B3 series/ASDA-B3L series/ASDA-B3E series/ASDA-B3F series
ASDA B2 Cable

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