The Delta ASDA-B2 AB servo driver is a high-performance servo drive that is designed for use in a variety of industrial automation applications. The CN3 connect PC communication cable is a cable that is used to connect the ASDA-B2 AB servo driver to a computer. It is typically used for programming and debugging the servo driver, as well as for transmitting data between the servo driver and other devices. The CN3 connect PC communication cable is an essential component in a servo drive system, as it allows the driver to communicate with a computer and be controlled and monitored remotely. The cable is typically used in conjunction with specialized software that is used to program and configure the servo driver.

Delta Servo Motor ASDA-B2 User-Manual

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ASDA Soft V4.08.09 DELTA Servo Software

ASDA Soft V4.08.09 is the software used to configure the old DELTA Servo’s including models: ASDA-A / A+ /AB / B / A2 / B2 series

ASDA-Soft v3.02.16 (ASDA-A and ASDA-B Legacy Series)


ASDA-A2, ASDA-B2,ASDA-M, ASDA-S, ASDA-A2R series, includes ASDA_MSizing

ASDA-B2 Servo driver connection problems can use the version below.

ASDA-Soft v5.3.3.0

ASDA Soft V6.2.0.0 DELTA Servo Software
Firmware Update Tool V2.1.0.10

AC Servo ASDA-A3 series/ASDA-A3 series/ASDA-A3L series/ASDA-A3E series/
ASDA-A3F series/ASDA-A3T series/ASDA-A3N series/AC Servo ASDA-B3 series/ASDA-B3 series/ASDA-B3L series/ASDA-B3E series/ASDA-B3F series
ASDA B2 Cable

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