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LOGO! USB PC cable

Siemens LOGO

LOGO! , a programmable logic controller (PLC) manufactured by Siemens,sports three vulnerabilities that can enable remote control attackers to reconfigure the unit,entry task documents, decrypt documents, and accessibility passwords.
LOGO! is an intelligent logic element intended for little automation tasks in manufacturing (power over compressors, conveyer straps, entrance handle, and so forth.), workplace/industrial and home options (lighting management, pool area-related control tasks, entry handle, etc.).
It really is used throughout the world and might be controlled remotely.

Siemens LOGO Software

LOGO! Software can handle small automation assignments with simple and easy intuitive design and functioning,from the engineering computer software LOGO! Soft Comfort,on the LOGO! Access Tool, and also the LOGO! Web Editor for the web server integrated into LOGO!

Siemens logo programming cable

LOGO! USB PC cable for transfer of programs from PC to LOGO! (6ED1057-1AA01-0BA0)
A cable assembly which connects a PC to a LOGO! Controller to download and upload programs written with LOGO! Soft Comfort

Siemens logo programming cable pinout

siemens logo programming cable pinout

Siemens logo usb pc-cable driver download

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