How to install CH340 Driver

The CH340 driver is a device driver for the CH340 chip, which is used in a variety of USB-to-serial adapters and other devices. The driver is necessary for the computer to recognize and communicate with devices that use the CH340 chip. It can typically be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website or from a reputable third-party website. Once installed, the driver allows the computer to communicate with the device using a USB connection.

To install the CH340 driver on your computer, follow these steps

Open the folder and double-click setup.exe

Click Setup

When you plug in the USB data cable again, you will see it in the device manager.

CH340 Driver Download

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  1. buenos días, he adquirido un (usb-logo) amsamotion y no puedo instalar los drives ya que los drives que trae el CD de instalación es para Windows 10 y yo tengo Windows 11.
    Ustedes me podrán brindar una solución para este problema? me pueden pasar a este correo los drivers para Windows 11?

    Muchas Gracias.

    Pablo (Argentina)


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