Siemens MPI cable

What is MPI cable Siemens?

Siemens MPI Cable is used for connecting S7-300/400 PLC programming.The MPI is based on the standard EIA-485 and works with a speed from 187.5 kBd to 12 MBd.
MPI is a communication protocol for programming parallel computers.

Siemens mpi cable part Number 6ES7901-0BF00-0AA0

MPI VS Profibus-DP

MPI (Multipointinterface) is the interface of SIMATICS7 multipoint communication. It is a network suitable for communication between a small number of sites. It is mostly used for short-distance communication between the upper computer and a small number of PLCs. The communication rate of MPI is 19.2K~12Mbit/s. There can be up to 32 stations on the MPI network, and the longest communication distance of a network segment is 50 meters (when the communication baud rate is 187.5Kbit/s), longer communication The distance can be extended by RS-485 repeater. MPI allows master-master communication and master-slave communication.

PROFIBUS-DP allows to form a single-master or multi-master system. A maximum of 126 stations can be connected on the same bus. The description of the system configuration includes: station number, station address, input/output address, input/output data format, diagnostic information format and bus parameters used.

Each PROFIBUS-DP system can include the following three different types of equipment:

  • The primary DP master station (DPM1): The primary DP master station is the central controller, which interacts with the scattered stations (such as DP slaves) within a predetermined information cycle. Station) to exchange information. Typical DPM1 such as PLC or PC.
  • Secondary DP master station (DPM2): The secondary DP master station is a programmer, configuration device or operation panel. It is used during the DP system configuration operation to complete system operation and monitoring purposes.
  • DP slave station: DP slave station is a peripheral device (I/O device, driver, HMI, valve, etc.) that collects and sends input and output information.
  • Single master station system: In the operating phase of the bus system, there is only one active master station.

How to use serial MPI cable

  • Install the Siemens PG/PC interface drivers and STEP-7 on the XP platform
  • go to ” control panel > setting the PG/PC interface”
  • Select PC Adaptor (MPI)
  • check the wire’s connection to PLC (** port 1 or 2 **) , network address and baud rate
  • Restart your PLC
  • On PCL explorer check the communication

PG/PC interfaces are not working on Windows Vista, 7 and 8 (definitely not on 64-bit OS). Try to install Windows XP on your system or install a VMware Workstation and then install XP windows.

MPI Cable Pinout

siemens mpi cable pinout
siemens mpi connector pinout

Siemens MPI Adapter Price

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