How to Select the software and cable for AB PLC

AB PLC Software guide

  1. RSLOGIX500 software is used for MICROLOGIX, SLC5 series PLC:
    LOGIX series PLC.
  2. RSLOGIX500 software is used in plc before AB PLC version 1766,
    RSLOGIX5000 software is used for plc after AB PLC version 1766

AB PLC Cable Guide

  1. If the PLC has an 8-pin round head and a DB9 pin, we prefer an 8-pin round head for programming
    the mouth. The serial cable model is: 1761-CBL-PM02: USB cable model
    It is USB-1761-CBL-PM02 or USB-1761-1747-CP3.
  2. If the PLC has an 8-pin crystal head (RS485) and DB9 pin, we prefer crystal
    The first 8 pins are programming ports. The selected serial cable model is 1747-PIC;
    USB type cable: USB-1747-PIC or 1747-UIC
  3. If the PLC does not have an 8-pin round head, no crystal head, only DB9 pin (RS232),
    The selected serial cable model is: 1747-CP3; the selected USB interface cable model
    It is USB-1747-CP3.

Once you have the necessary hardware and software, you can connect your computer to the PLC using the appropriate cable, and then use the software to program and monitor the PLC. Note that the specific steps and procedures for connecting and programming your AB PLC may vary depending on the model and the specific application you are working on.

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