The GT01-C30R4-8P is a communication cable used to connect a Mitsubishi GOT1000 series HMI (human-machine interface) to a Mitsubishi FX series PLC (programmable logic controller). The cable is used to establish a connection between the HMI and the PLC so that the HMI can receive input from and send output to the PLC. The HMI can then display the status of the PLC and the connected equipment, and allow an operator to control the equipment using the HMI’s buttons and displays.

The GT01-C30R4-8P cable has a connector at each end, with one connector designed to be plugged into the HMI and the other connector designed to be plugged into the PLC. The cable is typically used in industrial automation applications, where it is used to connect the HMI to the PLC and other equipment in a control system.

It is important to use the correct communication cable when connecting an HMI to a PLC, as different types of cables may be required for different types of HMI and PLC models. It is also important to follow the manufacturer’s instructions when connecting the HMI and PLC, as improper connection can result in damage to the equipment or incorrect operation.




Mitsubishi GT10 GOT1000 Series Graphic Operation Terminals RS-422 CABLE

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