Delta PLC Port Module Expansion Module

Delta PLC Port Module Expansion Module is an additional module that can be added to Delta PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) to expand its capabilities. These modules can be used to add more inputs and outputs, communication ports, or other functions to the PLC.

Delta offers a range of expansion modules for its PLCs, including digital and analog input/output modules, temperature measurement modules, relay output modules, communication modules, and others. These modules can be easily connected to the PLC’s base unit and programmed using Delta’s software.

Using expansion modules can increase the flexibility and functionality of a Delta PLC system, allowing it to better meet the specific needs of a particular application. However, it is important to ensure that the expansion module is compatible with the specific Delta PLC model being used.


Expand the 1-way RS232 that comes with the Delta DVP series PLC to 2-way, and realize the communication between the 2-way RS232 port and 2 devices at the same time


Ethernet Extension Module RS232-ETH to HMI Converter Suitable for Delta DVP Series Communication Programmable PLC

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