Delta Plc Communication Cable

For communication with Delta PLCs, various communication cables are available depending on the model and the supported communication interfaces. Here are some commonly used Delta PLC communication cables:

USB-ACAB230: This USB programming cable is used to connect a computer to a Delta PLC for programming and data transfer.

ASDA-B2: This communication cable connects a Delta ASDA-B2 series servo drive to a Delta PLC. It enables communication and control between the PLC and the servo drive.

DVPCAB215: This cable is used for programming and communication with Delta DVP series PLCs. It typically connects the PLC’s programming port to a computer’s serial port or USB port (with the help of an additional USB-to-serial converter).

USB-DOP: This cable is used to connect a Delta HMI (Human Machine Interface) device, specifically the DOP series, to a computer for programming and data transfer.

ETH-DVP-2P: This is an Ethernet communication cable used to connect a Delta DVP series PLC to an Ethernet network. It allows for communication and data exchange between the PLC and other devices on the network.

DVP-2T1: The DVP-2T1 module is a programming port extension module suitable for Delta ES/EX/SS/SC/SA/SX/EH series PLCs, which realizes the expansion of one RS232 programming port of Delta to two.

UC-PRG020-12A: This is a programming cable used for Delta UC series motion controllers. It allows for programming and communication between the motion controller and a computer.

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