How to make a Mitsubishi PLC cable?

Making a Mitsubishi PLC cable usually requires a wiring diagram. The cable you need depends on the model of Mitsubishi PLC and the interface you want to use (eg RS232, USB, Ethernet). Here, I will provide a common wiring diagram for making a basic RS232 cable, which is commonly used in Mitsubishi PLCs.

NOTE: Before attempting to make your own cables, make sure you have a solid understanding of the electronics, wiring, and pinout specifications for your specific Mitsubishi PLC model. Working with electronic components and cables can be risky if you are not familiar with them. process.

FX2, A series PLC to A970GOT HMI cable

Mitsubishi FX-20P-E handheld programmer to FX0/2N/1N series PLC connection cable

Mitsubishi FX0/2N/1N series PLC universal adapter cable

Mitsubishi FX0/2N and other series PLCs are connected with man-machine interface F940/930

PC to Mitsubishi F940/930 Touch Screen Programming Cable

Connecting cable between FX-232AW and FX2N/1N/0 etc.

FX0s/0n/2n/1n PLC to A970GOT HMI connection cable

Mitsubishi GT11/GT15 touch screen connection Mitsubishi FX3U/FX2N/FX1N cable

Mitsubishi GT11/GT15 touch screen serial port programming cable

Mitsubishi GT11/GT15 touch screen connection Q series PLC cable

Mitsubishi GT11/GT15 touch screen connection FX2/FX2C/A/QnA series PLC cable

Mitsubishi Q series PLC programming communication cable with RS232 interface

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