What Is Used For Communication Between Pc And Plc?

Various PLC and PC interconnection communication methods have their own advantages and disadvantages:

Use the system protocol and network adapter provided by the PLC manufacturer:
Advantages: It can realize full compatibility with PLC manufacturers’ customized products; it has high stability and reliability.
Disadvantages: The communication protocol is not public, and only specific host computer software can be used; lack of flexibility, it is difficult to meet the specific needs of different users; additional hardware devices and software are required.

Use common upper computer configuration software:
Pros: General software is powerful and has a user-friendly interface; is widely used, has a lot of technical support and resources; can access multiple PLC brands and devices.
Disadvantages: Higher software prices increase costs; specific I/O drivers are required to communicate with PLCs; flexibility is limited by drivers.

Custom communication method:
Advantages: Users can define communication protocols according to needs, which has high flexibility; it is suitable for small-scale control systems without additional investment.
Disadvantages: Users are required to have relevant communication protocol design and programming capabilities; communication stability and reliability may be affected by custom protocols; they cannot be fully compatible with PLC manufacturers’ customized products.

The selection of a suitable communication method between PLC and PC should be based on actual needs and project requirements, and comprehensively consider factors such as compatibility, stability, flexibility and cost.

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