How to Connect Delta Plc to Laptop

To connect a Delta PLC to a laptop, follow these steps:

  • Gather the Necessary Equipment and Software:

Delta PLC Programming Cable(DVPCAB215): Make sure you have the appropriate programming cable for your PLC model.
USB to Serial Adapter (USB-ACAB230)(if needed): If your laptop does not have a standard serial (COM) port, you may need a USB to serial adapter.
WPLSoft Software: This is the official software for Delta PLC programming and communication. You can download and install it from the Delta official website.

  • Connect the Communication Cable:

Insert one end of the programming cable into the programming port of the Delta PLC.
Connect the other end to the laptop’s serial port (if available) or the USB to serial adapter.

  • Install Drivers:

If you are using a USB to serial adapter, you may need to install drivers for the adapter. These drivers are usually provided with the adapter or can be downloaded from the manufacturer’s website.

Launch the installed WPLSoft software.

  • Configure Communication Settings:

In the WPLSoft software, click on the “Communication” option.
Select the correct communication port (the port where the serial or USB to serial adapter is connected).

  • Connect the PLC and Enter Online Mode:

Power on the PLC and ensure a stable connection between the PLC and the laptop.
In the WPLSoft software, click on the “Online Mode” option.

  • Auto-Detect the PLC:

Under the “Online Mode” in WPLSoft, click on the auto-detect button. The software will attempt to detect and establish a connection to the PLC.
Configuration and Programming:

Once successfully connected to the PLC, you can read, write, and modify the PLC program using the WPLSoft software.

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