ETH-MODBUS-IO8R-A Data Acquisition Module User Manual Product Overview Product Introduction ETH-MODBUS-IO8R-A module is a multi-function serial port server. In addition to the on-off data acquisition and control, analog data acquisition and output channels, RJ45 interface is added to make it work on Modbus RTU function for serial communication, by increasing the conversion of Modbus TCP … Read more

RS485 to RS485 Repeater

Product Overview Product introduction RS485 to RS485 repeater is an industrial grade high performance RS485 photoelectric isolation repeater which is compatible with EIA/TIA RS485 standard and realizes RS485 signal amplification and long communication distance of bus network, it is used to solve the problem of relay and isolation of RS-485 communication in complex electromagnetic field. … Read more

Din Rail Terminal Block Selection

UK2.5B 0.2-4mm²/0.2-2.5mm² L42.5/H41/W6.2 mm 800V /32A PT2.5 0.2-4mm²/0.2-2.5mm² L48.5/H35.5/W5 mm 800V /31A UK5-HESIfuse holder 0.2-4mm²/0.2-4mm² L73.5/H56.5/W8.2 mm 800V /6.3A ST2.5 0.2-4mm²/0.2-2.5mm² L49/H35.5/W5.2 mm 800V /31A PTTB2.5 0.14-4mm²/0.14-2.5mm² L68.8/H46/W5.2 mm 500V /22A DIKD1.5 0.2-4mm²/0.2-2.5mm² L73/H54.5/W6.2 mm 250V /32A