Restoring Default Settings on an Amsamotion AMX-FX3U PLC Module

When working with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs), particularly those from the Amsamotion brand such as the AMX-FX3U module, it is not uncommon to encounter situations where you need to restore default settings. This process can become particularly challenging if you lack the necessary tools or have forgotten crucial details like the IP address. Here, we … Read more

LoRa Modules

Introduction to LoRa Modules LoRa (Long Range) modules are specialized RF modules for long-distance, low-power wireless communication. Utilizing LoRa technology, these modules are integral in applications ranging from IoT and smart homes to wireless data collection. This article explores the functions, modulation schemes, usage, enhancement methods, and applications of LoRa modules. Functions of LoRa Modules … Read more

Allen bradley 1756 cp3 vs 1747 cp3

The 1747-CP3 and 1756-CP3 cables are both used for programming and connecting to Allen-Bradley SLC 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05 series PLCs, as well as MicroLogix 1400 PLCs. Here are the key details and differences between the two cables: 1747-CP3 Cable Usage: Primarily designed for SLC 5/03, 5/04, and 5/05 PLCs.Material: Composed of copper, rubber, and … Read more

PLC Upgrade

PLC upgrade steps:Open the upgrade tool,1. Select the upgrade package,2. After selecting, select the com port baud rate setting of 57600 for the corresponding cable, and open the serial port,3. Click to start the search,4. Power off and restart the PLC. After restarting, the search will turn red,5. Click on Set Length again,6. Click to … Read more