How to Select the software and cable for AB PLC

AB PLC Software guide RSLOGIX500 software is used for MICROLOGIX, SLC5 series PLC:RSLOGIX5000 software for COMPACTLOGIX, CONTROLLOGIX series PLC. RSLOGIX500 software is used in plc before AB PLC version 1766,RSLOGIX5000 software is used for plc after AB PLC version 1766 AB PLC Cable guide If the PLC has 8-pin round head and DB9 pin, we … Read more

Siemens MPI cable

What is MPI cable Siemens? Siemens MPI Cable is used for connecting S7-300/400 PLC programming.The MPI is based on the standard EIA-485 and works with a speed from 187.5 kBd to 12 MBd.MPI is a communication protocol for programming parallel computers. Siemens mpi cable part Number 6ES7901-0BF00-0AA0 MPI VS Profibus-DP MPI (Multipointinterface) is the interface of SIMATICS7 multipoint communication. It is … Read more

Fx3u PLC communication cable

FX3U PLC The FX3U is the original dual system-bus, high-speed, fully expandable compact PLC designed to seamlessly control communication, networking, analogue, and positioning systems. With a maximum of 384 controllable local and networked I/O via CC-Link, the FX3U uses its power and flexibility to provide a solution for a variety of applications. Features 3rd generation … Read more