CS1W-CN226 is a programming cable for Omron CS, CJ, CQM1H, and CPM2C series PLCs that uses an RS232 port. The cable has a 9-pin female connector to connect to a PC and a 10-pin iron port to connect to the PLC. CS1W-CN226 / 626 Pinout CS1W-CN226 VS CS1W-CN118 CS1W-CN226 is an Omron cable that connects … Read more

allen bradley 1747-pic

1747-PIC cable is a direct replacement cable for Allen Bradley programming cable used for communication and programming of SLC 5/00, 5/01, 5/02, or 5/03 programmable logic controllers (PLCs). No 1747-PIC will make use of a USB adaptor you need to have a real serial port, if you use Windows XP service pack 3 you need … Read more

6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0 Difference

6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0 is a part number for a USB-MPI adapter, which is compatible with the S7-200/300/400 programmable logic controllers. It allows for communication between a computer’s USB port and the MPI, PPI, DP, or PROFIBUS interfaces of the Siemens controllers, and features electrical isolation for enhanced safety. Now there are 3 versions 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0, and each version … Read more


The Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC Cable 1761-CBL-PM02 is a programming and communication cable that can be used to connect an Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC (programmable logic controller) to a computer for programming and communication purposes. It is also known as the Allen Bradley Micrologix programming cable and is used with the Allen Bradley RSLogix 500 … Read more

LOGO! USB PC cable

Siemens LOGO LOGO!, a programmable logic controller (PLC) manufactured by Siemens, sports three vulnerabilities that can enable remote control attackers to reconfigure the unit, enter task documents, decrypt documents, and access passwords.LOGO! is an intelligent logic element intended for little automation tasks in manufacturing (power over compressors, conveyer straps, entrance handle, and so forth.), workplace/industrial, … Read more