The 1747-CP3 serial cable is used to connect a computer to an Allen Bradley SLC5/03/04/05 series programmable logic controller (PLC). The cable has a serial connector on one end, which plugs into a serial port on the computer, and a connector on the other end that is specific to Allen Bradley SLC5/03/04/05 series PLCs. The cable is used to transfer data and programs between the computer and the PLC, and it is typically used for programming, debugging, and data communication purposes.


Length:2.5 Meters
Interface:9 Pin Female-9Pin Female
Purpose:Allen Bradley 1747 cp3 for AB SLC5/03/04/05 Series PLC Programming Cable

The Allen Bradley 1747-CP3 serial cable is a programming cable used to connect a personal computer to an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03/04/05 programmable logic controller (PLC). It allows you to communicate with the PLC and transfer data to and from the PLC using programming software. The serial connection allows for reliable and secure communication between the computer and the PLC.

1747-cp3 pinout

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