1747-UIC USB to DH485


1747-UIC Cable is used for Allen Bradley SLC 500 Programming Cable – 1747 UIC USB to DH485


1747-UIC USB to DH-485 Interface Converter

100% compatible with original Allen Bradley 1747-UIC USB To DH485, AB SLC5/01/02/03/05 series PLC programming cable, use AB original driver, with indicator.

See below for a list of PLCs that 1747 UIC cable are compatible tested with Windows XP (SP2 and SP3) note: that we have not yet tested 1747 UIC USB to dh485 with Vista, Windows 7 (32bit version) should be fine when run in ‘XP mode”


The 1747-C13 cable is not needed as it is built as part of the cable.
You will also need RSLinx 2.53 or greater, RSLinx is free from Rockwell Automation (Allen Bradley)Please note that this is not DH+ (Data Highway Plus) this is DH485, please see below for a list of compatible processors:

SLC 5/00,1747-L20,1747-L30,1747-L40,Slc 5/01,1747-L511,1747-L512,1747-L513,1747-L514,SLC 5/02,1747-L521,1747-L522,1747-L523,1747-L524,
SLC 5/03 For the 5/03 you can use the 1747-CP3 if the RS232 (DB9) is not used, see here for our USB-1747-CP3 :
1474-L531,1747-L532,1747-L533,1747-L534,SLC 5/04

DH485 only (not DH+) you can configure user Com1 on the 5/04’s for DH485…. but this is not standard on the 5/04’s
DH485 PanelViews

Please note that just like the original UIC made by Allen Bradley, not all PanelViews are supported, but we do offer money back if you are not happy with your purchase.

If you have an overloaded 1746-P3 (24Vdc) power supply this (and the original 1747-UIC) may trip the PS overload protection… if this happens you will need to turn off your power supply to let the internal overload reset then turn it back on, we have never had this happen with a 120/240 PS.

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  1. Hason

    I connected to a SLC 5/03 with no issues. Later in the day connected again with no issues. Product works great!

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