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S7-200 PLC Programming Cable PC-PPI+ Adapter For Siemens 6ES7901-3CB30-0XA0 Communication Cable 187.5kbps Support WIN7/XP


The S7-200 PLC programming cable with PC-PPI+ adapter is a device that allows you to connect a computer to a Siemens S7-200 PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) for the purpose of programming or configuring the PLC. The cable has a PC-PPI+ adapter on one end and a connector that is specific to the S7-200 PLC on the other end. It is used in conjunction with software on the computer to communicate with the PLC and transfer programming and configuration information. The cable has a communication speed of 187.5kbps and is compatible with the Windows 7 and XP operating systems. It is an essential tool for engineers and technicians who work with Siemens S7-200 PLCs.

Model: PC-PPI / 3CB30
Length: 4.5 meters
Connector: 9-pin female to 9-pin male
Supports: WIN7 (32/64-bit) / XP /VISTA
Driver: No driver installation is required, it can be connected directly
Baud Rate: Supports 9.6/19.2 baud rate
Isolation Economy Version supports 9.6/19.2/115.2 baud rate
Isolation High-Performance Version supports 9.6/19.2/115.2/187.5 baud rate
Software Requirement: WIN7 users should use STEP 7 MicroWIN SP9 version; XP users are recommended to use SP4 or above.
Usage: Suitable for programming cables for Siemens S7-200 series PLCs.

PC-PPI Economic Type does not support 187.5 baud rate and has no dip switch.

Siemens S7-200 PLC Programming Cable

3CB30 Economical Type

Support baud rate 9.6kbps, 19.2kbps, 115.2kbps Does Not Support 187.5kbps, Supports Monitoring and Debugging Cable length 4.5m
Siemens S7-200 PLC Programming Cable

3CB30 Isolation Type

Support Baud Rate 187.5kbps
Multi-master Station, Monitoring, and Debugging, with DIP Switch
Cable length 4.5m

Isolation Type

Support 187.5Kps Support 9.6Kps, 19.2Kps
LED display, DIP Switch
Hollow Design | Timely Heat Dissipation
Efficient Temperature Control|Guarantee Long-Lasting
Siemens S7-200 PLC Programming Cable

Multiple Isolation Protection

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg





PC-PPI Economic Type, PC-PPI Isolation

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