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Support: Siemens S7-200/300/400PLC

Support system: WIN7(32/64 Bit)/XP/VISTA

Support Touch Pannel: C7-621(OP3) C7-623(OPS) C7-624(OP15) C7-626(OP25) C7- 635(TP/OP170B) C7636(OP270)

COMFORT TP700/900 COMFORT TP27/37170A/170B/177ATP177B/270277
MP177270/270B/277370/377 Touch/Key
Mobile Panel 1 70/177 DP/277 Pc-systems

Cable Length: 2.5Meters/4.5Meters (Economic Version 2.5Meters, Isolation Type 4.5Meters)

Character:Support S7-200/300/400 plc communication cable. Isolated cable with good quality, support 300 /400series Long time monitoring with the communication more stable, resist the external interference more outstanding.

6es7972-0cb20-0xa0 manual



Isolation Type 0CB20+ PLC Programming Cable Adapter 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0 Cable

1.Support Siemens S7- 200/300/400 series PLC upload and download with optical isolation function, shielding the electromagnetic interference, online debugging, stable monitoring. It support online long time monitor for S7-300/400 PLC.

2. The Cable applies 2464 material specification 28AWB(7/0.12mm)
3. The wire insulating layer PVC in line with the POHS standard
4. Cable Length: 4.5Meters

Now there are 3 versions 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0, each version has different functions, do you know?


all support PPI MPI communication
Support system WIN7(32/64 Bit)/XP/VISTA
Bound rate PPI: 9.6k, 19.2k, 187.5k MPI: 19.2k, 187.5k
Operating temperature -30°C – 75°C
Package 1*USB Cable, 1*DB9 Pin Cable, 1*Adapter


Multipurpose Version: cable 2.5m
Isolation Type: cable 4.5m support Long time monitor
MPI (10thgeneration): cable 4.5m support Long time monitor

Multipurpose Version 0CB20 PLC programming adapter cable

1. Support Siemens S7-200/300/400 series PLC normal upload and download, it doesn’t support on line long time monitor.
2. The Cable applies 2464 material specification
3. The wire insulating layer PVC in line with the POHS standard
4.Cable Length: 2.5Meters

Advantages for the isolation cables
Since it has the frequency converter, modules, ect exists in the larger industrial site, it will create magnetic field interference and affect the signal transmission once these equipement are start working or pause, isolation cable will shield the magentic field interference and make the debugging work running smoothly.

Additional information






Multipurpose Version, Isolation Type, MPI (10thgeneration)

14 reviews for 6ES7972-0CB20-0XA0

  1. 3***r

    It came quickly enough. Decided on XP and 7ke without problems. To the controller connected without dancing with a tambourine. Works fine

  2. O***v

    Description matches. Shipping fast. There are no drivers, but there is a support site. It is installed on the XP without problems. On Win10 did not set yet, the problem

  3. M***v

    Works via Ppi to a virtua machine L where I have the microwin

  4. V***v

    It came faster than stated. But with simocode failed to contact. In the rest it works well.

  5. S***v

    Meets the description

  6. M***v

    Order arrived quickly. Checked-works.

  7. 3***r

    Tested Mpi with S7 300 and works Perfectly

  8. F***z

    Delivered to Mo quickly, the device works, connected to S-300. No problem

  9. F***t

    ot works, i have tested it on a CPU314 IFM Siemens.

  10. M***e

    Very good quality product congratulations and speed.

  11. B***s

    Product exactly as Decr It, very serious and professional seller, I recommend it…

  12. N***v

    works, i have tested it on a CPU314 IFM Siemens.

  13. D***i

    The adapter was delivered very quickly. There is no optocoupler. Checked, works.

  14. M***o

    I did not expect that this would work out. But everything works fine, the computer picked up the cord from the turn floor

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