Support: Siemens S7-200/300/400PLC

Support system: WIN7(32/64 Bit)/XP/VISTA

Support Touch Pannel: C7-621(OP3) C7-623(OPS) C7-624(OP15) C7-626(OP25) C7- 635(TP/OP170B) C7636(OP270)

COMFORT TP700/900 COMFORT TP27/37170A/170B/177ATP177B/270277
MP177270/270B/277370/377 Touch/Key
Mobile Panel 1 70/177 DP/277 Pc-systems

Cable Length: 2.5Meters/4.5Meters (Economic Version 2.5Meters, Isolation Type 4.5Meters)

Character:Support S7-200/300/400 plc communication cable. Isolated cable with good quality, support 300 /400series Long time monitoring with the communication more stable, resist the external interference more outstanding.

6es7972-0cb20-0xa0 manual

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