6GK1561-1AA00 Communication Card


CP5611 PCI PROFIBUS MPI PPI Card 6GK1561-1AA00 Communication Card 6GK 15611AA00 For Siemens S7-200 300 400PLC


This communication card model is the 6GK1561-1AA00 and it supports a spread rate of 9.6Kbps to 12Mbps, with a maximum communication distance that complies with the Profibus standard. It has an interface that allows it to connect to PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI through networks with an isolation type 9PIN Sub-D port. The isolation voltage is 1000VDC, and the RS485 port has a lightning protection device that can handle a repeatable surge voltage capacity of Ipp=100A (10/700us, 4KV). The card meets ITU-TK20/ 21 and VDE 0433 standards and offers ± 15KV ESD protection. The RS485 port has automatic recovery over-current protection and can handle a 60V voltage-caused continuous current. This card can connect to PG/PC through a PCI 2.1 standard card slot and on +5V DC with a power consumption of 2.0W. The working temperature range is 0 to +70 ℃, and the card has a dimension of 102*130MM and a weight of 100G.

Model:6GK1561-1AA00 Communication Card
Spread rate: 9.6Kbps ~ 12Mbps, the max communication distance conforms to Profibus standard.
Interface: Connect PROFIBUS/MPI/PPI, Isolation type 9PIN Sub-D port
Isolation Voltage:1000VDC
RS485 Port with lightning protection device, repeatable surge Voltage Capacity: Ipp= 100A ( 10/700us, 4KV )
Standard: ITU-TK20/21 、 VDE 0433 。± 15KV ESD protection
Automatic Recovery Over-current Protection: RS485 port can burden 60V voltage-caused continuous current.
Connect PG/PC: PCI2.1 Standard card slot
Voltage: +5V DC
Working Temperature: 0 ~ + 70 ℃
Dimension(W*H): 102*130MM
Weight: 100G

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