AMX 214-2AD23-0XB8

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DC24V, switch 14 input 10 output, analog 2 into 1 out, analog to digital conversion 3ms,

Transistor output: 100K pulse, 1A high current, source type (PNP),
2 PPI communication ports, support 187.5K baud rate, 2 ports support Modbus, free port communication, USS communication, 6 axes 30KHz high-speed counter, Capacity 20K

Support step7-micro/win programming, Data power-off maintenance
Supports PPI / MPI/ MODBUS/USS protocol


AMX 214-2AD23-0XB8 programmable logic controller (PLC). PLCs are used in industrial automation systems to monitor and control various types of equipment or processes.

14 input and 10 output digital signals: The PLC has 14 digital input points, which can be used to monitor the state of switches or other digital devices, and 10 digital output points, which can be used to control other devices.

2 analog input and 1 analog output: The PLC has 2 analog input points, which can be used to measure analog signals such as voltage or current, and 1 analog output point, which can be used to generate an analog signal.

Analog-to-digital conversion: The PLC can convert analog signals to digital signals for processing and control. The conversion takes place at a rate of 3ms.

Transistor output: The PLC has transistor output points, which can be used to control devices with high current requirements (up to 1A). The transistor type is PNP.

Communication ports: The PLC has 2 communication ports that support the PPI, MODBUS, and USS protocols, and can operate at a baud rate of 187.5K. It also has a free port for communication with other devices.

High-speed counter: The PLC has a high-speed counter that can monitor the speed of up to 6 axes at a rate of 30KHz.

Capacity: The PLC has a capacity of 20K, which may refer to the amount of memory or processing power available.

Programming support: The PLC can be programmed using the Step7-Micro/WIN software.

Data power-off maintenance: The PLC can maintain data during power outages.

Power consumption:5.5W
Program memory:36K
Extension modules:1-7
Digital value extension: MAX256DI/DO
Analog quantity extension:MAX32A/16AQ
Data storage time: Memory flash, permanent
Total number of counters:256
Timer total:256
Data space:10kb
Communication port:2*PPI communication port, RS485
Baud rate:9.6,19.2,187.5kbps
Digital value input:14 channel input
Digital value output:10 channel output
Analog quantity input:2
Analog quantity output:1
Access way:NPN/PNP
Output type: DC/DT
Digital output rated current per point:0.75A
Maximum cable length:500m(shield)
Pulse capture input:14
High-speed counter: 6 x 30KHz

STEP7 MicroWIN V4.0 SP9

PRODUCT TYPE Upgrade Version/Ethernet Version Old Version
Ethernet port NO/YES NO
Version NO E-Stand:07 E-Stand:06
MAP library YES NO
PID Wizard YES
PID turning control panel YES NO
High-speed counting Support multiple simultaneous uses without limitation 1:support single-channel use
2: multiple simultaneous uses
only be selected in 1234 or 1235
Freeport communication YES Partial support
Memory Command Partial support NO
Persostent Memory
(EEPROM)Read ctr
Communicate with HMI 9.6k,19.2k,187.5k 9.6k
SMBI instruction execution status YES NO
Rising and falling edge interrupt YES NO
Program editing in run mode YES NO
Analog input Support calibration Calibration not supported
Analog output No ffset The voltage has a 0.27V offset when the output is O
Electrostatictest burst test Passed airelectrostatic test 6Ktest,contactelectrostatic2Ktest, burst 4K test(strong anti-interference ability) General anti-interference ability

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AMX 214-2AD23-0XB8 Suport PID PTO MAP, AMX 214-2AD23-0XB8 Don't Suport PID PTO MAP




10 Transistor output

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    Very satisfied. 95% equal to Siemens. will add more feedback after test

  2. 2***r

    Producto corresponde y llega en el tiempo ofrecido por el vendedor

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