AMX 214-2BD23-0XB8

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AC220V, switch 14 input 10 output, analog 2 into 1 out, analog to digital conversion 3ms,2 PPI communication port, support 187.5K baud rate, 2 ports support Modbus, free port communication, USS communication, 6 axis 30KHz high speed counter, Capacity 20K

Support step7-micro/win programming, Data power-off maintenance
Supports  PPI / MPI/   MODBUS/USS protocol.


14 Point Input/ 10 Point Output PLC
214-2BD23-0XB 8Relay Type PLC AC 220V Input/ DC 24V Output
*****AMX 224XP PLC Support PWM & PTO, doesn’t support PTO wizards and magazine positioning control.
What is PWM and What is PTO??
PWM belongs to analog control mode, when the equipment has the accurate requirements for rotational speed and torque we can choose PWM.PWM will simulate the input signal as constant voltage output by apply high-speed counter, it control the variation of motor rotational speed by controlling voltage variation.
PTO belongs to pulse control mode, when the equipement has the accurate requirement for the position we need choose PTO.
Amsamotion 224XP plc can’t achieve the function of PTO wizards.

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AMX 214-2BD23-0XB8




10 Relay output

4 reviews for AMX 214-2BD23-0XB8

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    Very good service, team work perfect, I recommend

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    Product corresponds and arrives in the time offered by the seller. Recommended

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    Very satisfied. 95% equal to Siemens. will add more feedback after test

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    He arrived in Chile in two weeks. All very well packed. I recommend the seller

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