FX3U-26MT Transistor Type  16DI/10DO, 2AI/2AO  No Ethernet port Check plc price today


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MCU used ARM 32-bit industrial processor.
The programmable controller software is compatible with Mitsubishi Works2/Works3/GxDeveloper (Support online writing).
The plc programming logic cable is compatible with Mitsubishi PLC offline, which is convenient and fast; the connected touch screen is also compatible with Mitsubishi communication line.
All key electronic components are imported famous brands with the warranty of 1 years.
All IO ports transmit signals by photoelectric isolation, effectively filter outside various interferences.
The output transistor uses a high speed and high current triode.
Input supports positive/negative trigger for easy use; output is NPN-type open collector output.
16 optically isolated digital inputs and 10 isolated digital NPN outputs.
2 channels of 12-bit analog input, support 0~10V voltage or 0~20ma current; dip switch switch.
2 channels of 12-bit analog output, 1 channel of 0~10V voltage output; 1 channel of 0~20ma output.
2 independent high-speed pulse outputs, up to 100K.
4 high-speed wide voltage pulse count; input pulse supports 5~24V.
It can communicate with touch screens such as Pro-face, Veinview and MCGS HMI
Support 2 channels of 100K high speed pulse output.
Support for clocks.
The power circuit adopts anti-reverse design.
Widely used for signal acquisition and control of industrial field devices

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