AMX Touch Screen 4.3/7/10 inch

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The AMX HMI touchscreen is a human-machine interface device that can communicate with various brands of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) such as Weinview, Delta, Siemens, Samkoon, Mitsubishi, and Omron. It features an Ethernet port and RS232 interface, allowing it to communicate using different communication protocols with the PLCs.

With the Ethernet port, the touch panel can be connected to a local area network (LAN) and communicate with the PLCs using the Modbus TCP/IP protocol or other Ethernet-based protocols. This enables remote monitoring and control of the PLCs, as well as the ability to transfer data between the touch panel and other network devices.

The RS232 interface allows the touch panel to communicate with the PLCs using the serial communication protocol commonly used in industrial automation applications. This enables the touch panel to send and receive data from the PLCs, such as real-time production data, alarms, and status information.

Overall, the AMX HMI touchscreen is a versatile and compatible interface device that can be used with various brands of PLCs, making it a useful tool for industrial automation and control applications.

Software  Smart Manager Pro 1.2.52


software model touch screen model

High resolution: 800*480
LCD brightness: 400
High contrast: 500:1
Backlight type: LED
Backlight life >30,000 hours
Display color: 16.7M
Visible range: 80/80/80/80

Touch type: 4-wire resistive
Touch Accuracy: Action Area Length (X) ±2%; Width (Y) ±2%

Flash (FLASH): 128MB
Memory (RAM): 128MB
ARM Cortex-A7 single core 1GHz

Communication Interface
USB Host: USB 2.0*1
RS-232: COM1
RS-485: COM2: 2W/4W;
COM3: 2W
Ethernet: 10/100Mbps auto-sensing
4G Long Range: Scalable

Perpetual Calendar
system built-in

Power Supply
Input power: 9-36±10%VDC
Power consumption: 420mA@24VDC
Power isolation: built-in
Withstand voltage: 500VAC (1 minute)
Insulation resistance: over 50MΩ@500VDC

Dimensions: 202*165*43mm
Hole size: 192*138mm
Installation method: Panel installation
Mechanical vibration: 10to25Hz (X, Y, Z axis 2G for 30 minutes)

Operating Environment
Protection Level Panel: IP65; Back Cover: IP20
Operating ambient temperature: 0-50°C (32°-122°F)
Ambient humidity: 10%-90% (non-condensing)
Storage ambient temperature: -20-60°C (-4°–144°F)

Comply with CE certification standards

PC software, Smart Manager PRO V1.2.02 or higher

Suitable for Delta PLC Haiwell PLC, South Korea LS PLC MODBUS Protocol Communication Mitsubishi PLC Omron PLC Panasonic PLC Schneider PLC Siemens PLC Xinje PLC

  • Protocol compatibility issues: The touch screen without a network port does not support PID instructions, PTO wizards, and Siemens library instructions. The touch screen with the network port supports PID instructions, PTO wizards, and Siemens library instructions.
  • The main upgrade content of the network port upgrade version: supports EEPROM write instructions, high-speed counters support 6 channels at the same time, supports rising edge and falling edge interrupts, supports programming in operating mode, adds Ethernet port, pulse output can reach 200K, high-speed counter supports 100K, The processing capacity is stronger, the efficiency of Boolean instructions is 0.28uS, and the efficiency of floating-point instructions is 0.75uS

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4.3 inch Ethernet, 7 inch Ethernet, 10 inch Ethernet, 4.3 inch no Ethernet, 7 inch no Ethernet, 10 inch no Ethernet



5 reviews for AMX Touch Screen 4.3/7/10 inch

  1. Rafael Zuna

    Puerto Virtual, muy buenas estimad@s mi pregunta es como instalo el puerto virtual para poder trabajar con este, gracias saludos

    • Jason

      Sorry, I do not understand what you mean

  2. Peter

    I cannot find the AMX model of the HMI (AMX-MT043C) on the HMI software (Smart Manager Pro 1.2.52) provided on this site. Please help to program thank you.

    • Jason


  3. Amjad Hussain

    I cannot find the AMX 070iE of the HMI on the HMI software (Smart Manager Pro 1.2.52) provided on this site. Please help to program thank you.

    • Jason

      choose MRO701NE

  4. Amjad Hussain

    its mean AMX 070iE Hmi model should be write in softwear MR0701NE

    • Jason


  5. Drat Royan

    I cannot find the AMX model of the HMI AMX-MT070C

    • Jason


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