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Suitable Delta ASDA-B2 AB Servo driver CN3 Connect PC Communication Cable. A cable length of around 3 meters with magnetic ring protection makes the character more stable.


ASDA-B2/AB/A2 Programming and Communication Cable

Length: 2.5 meters
Systems: Windows 7 (32/64-bit) / XP / VISTA
Use: This cable is specifically designed for connecting to Delta servo drives ASDA-B2, AB, and A2, serving the purpose of programming and communication.

The Delta ASDA-B2 AB servo driver is a high-performance servo drive that is designed for use in a variety of industrial automation applications. The CN3 connect PC communication cable is a cable that is used to connect the ASDA-B2 AB servo driver to a computer.
Delta ASDA-B2 AB A2 Servo Driver CN3 Connect PC Communication Cable is typically used for programming and debugging the servo driver, as well as for transmitting data between the servo driver and other devices.

The CN3 connect PC communication cable is an essential component in a servo drive system, as it allows the driver to communicate with a computer and be controlled and monitored remotely. The cable is typically used in conjunction with specialized software that is used to program and configure the servo driver.

Gold-Plated Connection Plug: Equipped with gold-plated connectors with low resistance, minimizing plug wear, and providing anti-oxidation protection for a stable and reliable connection.
Insulated PVC Outer Casing: The cable’s exterior is constructed from insulated PVC, meeting the POHS standard.
Dust and Water-Resistant Adapter: The cable is designed with dust and water resistance features, making it suitable for various environments.
Internal LED Indicator Light: It includes an internal LED indicator light for online monitoring and debugging.
2.5-meter Adapter Cable Length: The provided adapter cable with a 2.5-meter length addresses long-distance connection challenges.
Compatibility Note: Please be aware that this cable requires Delta software of version V4 and is not compatible with V5.

This cable is a replacement component for the Delta ASDA-B2 servo drive, facilitating the connection between a personal computer and the Delta ASDA-B2 servo drive primarily for programming and debugging purposes.

This cable provides a convenient and reliable connection for programming and communication with Delta servo drives, specifically the ASDA-B2, AB, and A2 models. Its notable features include gold-plated connectors, dust and water resistance, and an internal LED indicator light. However, it is essential to ensure compatibility with the specific Delta software version being used, as it is not compatible with V5.

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5 reviews for ASDA-B2

  1. David Johnson

    Very satisfied with the cable’s performance. The 3-meter length is a great convenience, and the LED indicator is a nice touch. A solid choice for ASDA-B2 drives.

  2. Emily Wilson

    Decent cable for the price. It works well, but I wish it was compatible with V5 software as we’ve upgraded. Overall, a good value for V4 users.

  3. Megan Anderson

    Outstanding product! The cable’s quality is top-notch, and the gold-plated connectors make a noticeable difference in connection stability. Highly recommend for Delta servo drive programming.

  4. Jane Smith

    Great cable, but the 2.5-meter adapter cable could be a bit longer for my setup. Nevertheless, it’s reliable and a must-have for programming the ASDA-B2 drive.

  5. John Doe

    This cable is a game-changer for Delta servo drive programming. It’s rugged, dust, and water-resistant, making it ideal for industrial settings. Five stars for sure!

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