CP2102 USB to IRDA Near Infrared IR Magnetic Adapter Cable


The CP2102 USB to IRDA Near Infrared (IR) Magnetic Adapter Cable is a device used to connect a computer or other device with a USB port to an infrared (IR) device, such as an electricity, gas, or water meter. The cable has a USB connector on one end, which plugs into the computer or other device, and an infrared (IR) connector on the other end, which plugs into the IR device. The cable is used to transfer data between the computer and the IR device, and it can be used for reading data from the IR device or for programming the device. The cable is equipped with an IRDA (Infrared Data Association) interface, which allows it to communicate with IR devices using infrared signals. The cable also has a magnetic adapter, which allows it to be attached to the IR device more securely.


Application: Data collection of electric energy meters, gas meters, and water meters

New original CP2102 imported chip, USB interface power supply, no need for external power supply.

Support multiple versions of Windows operating system, macOS, Linux, and other systems.

Industrial-grade meter reader, Near infrared, wavelength 940nm.

Infrared head size: diameter 32mm, transmitting and receiving distance: 6.5mm (size is for reference only, tolerance ±2mm)

IEC standard industrial grade, the converter adopts CP2102 chip, ±15KV ESD protected transceiver circuit, Taiwan Everlight industrial-grade optical receiver/transmitter.

Transparent transmission, supported full protocol signal conversion, such as IEC62056-21, IEC1107, DLMS, MODBUS, etc. The transmission rate is 300/600/1200/2400/4800/9600/19200bps.

Installation: 25mm * 15mm * 5mm galvanized magnet, strong magnetic adsorption (IEC62056 regulation), it is easy to fix on the optical interface device.

Environment: specified working range -25℃-70℃

Length  2m

Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg


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