DB9 Connector


DB9 Connector RS232 Male Female D-SUB DB15 9 Pin Plug RS485 Breakout Terminals 21/24 AWG Wire Solderless COM Connectors


DB9 serial COM transfer-free solder terminals RS232 female male connector with back side screw nut D-SUB solderless connectors
Product Name: DB9 Solderless Connectors
Product Material: Environmental Protection Engineering Plastic
Product Type: DB9 Screw Female/DB9 Screw Male/DB9 Nut Female/DB9 Nut Male
Use for RS232/485/422 DB9 serial communication equipment, such as PLC, Touch screen,
Programmer, Data converter, and so on.

A DB9 connector (also known as a D-sub connector or RS232 connector) is a type of electrical connector that has 9 pins arranged in a D-shaped housing. It is typically used for RS232 serial communications, which is a standard for serial communication transmission of data. The RS232 connector is available in two versions: male and female. The male connector has pins that protrude from the connector, while the female connector has holes where the pins from the male connector can be inserted.

An RS485 breakout terminal is a device that is used to convert RS232 signals to RS485 signals. It allows for the use of RS232 signals over longer distances by converting them to RS485 signals, which can be transmitted over greater distances than RS232. RS485 is a standard for long-distance industrial communication, allowing multiple devices to communicate with each other over a longer distance than RS232 allows.

21/24 AWG wire is a type of electrical wire that is commonly used for RS232 and RS485 applications. It refers to the diameter of the wire’s insulation, with 21/24 indicating that the wire is relatively thin. This wire can be soldered to the connectors or it could be a solderless connector, which allows for faster and more convenient connections.

In summary, the DB9 connector RS232, RS485 breakout terminals, and 21/24 AWG wire are all components that can be used together in an RS232 to the RS485 communication system. They allow for the connection of devices over a longer distance and allow for the conversion of RS232 signals to RS485 signals. The connectors are available in male or female versions, and the wire can be soldered or solderless connectors.

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