DB9 Connector Adapter


DB9 Connector RS232 Male Female D-SUB

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DB9 Metal Connector Female/Male Adapter Series Connector D-Sub Plug COM Gold-Plated Copper Contactors 9 Pin 2Row Port Socket

A DB9 connector, also known as a D-sub connector, is a type of connector that is commonly used in serial communication applications. It has 9 pins arranged in a D-shaped housing and is used to transmit data between devices. The connector can be male, meaning that it has pins that protrude from the housing and are used to make a connection, or female, meaning that it has holes that the male pins can be inserted into to make a connection.

The DB9 connector is often used in conjunction with the RS232 standard, which is a standard for serial data communication. It is commonly used to connect devices such as computers, printers, and industrial equipment.

A DB9 connector adapter is a device that allows you to connect two devices that have DB9 connectors to each other. It consists of a short cable with a male DB9 connector on one end and a female DB9 connector on the other end. The adapter is used to connect the male connector of one device to the female connector of the other device.

DB9 connector adapters are commonly used to connect devices such as computers, printers, and industrial equipment in serial communication applications. They can be used to extend the length of a connection or to connect two devices that have different connector types.

There are many different types of DB9 connector adapters available, including straight-through adapters, null modem adapters, and gender changer adapters. It is important to choose the correct type of adapter for your specific application.

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