PLC expands Ethernet, supports 6-way client connection and communication at the same time


ETH-DVP-2P module is an economical Ethernet communication processor, designed to meet the increasing demand for factory equipment information (equipment network monitoring and production management). It can realize most of the PLC network communication functions of the Delta DVP series, and upload, download, and monitor the PLC through the network port of the host computer software.

The module comes with two serial ports, one is connected to the PLC, and the other is also connected to the touch screen. The touch screen can also be used by the on-site operator to collect and monitor data on the PLC at the same time.

No need for an external power supply, power can be supplied directly from the MO6 programming communication port of the PLC.

Extend an RS232 programming port of the PLC to an Ethernet communication port and an HMI communication port. While restoring the PLC communication function, it also realizes PLC networking and communication with the HMI.

Supports up to 6 client connections

The parameter setting and operation of the device can be carried out through the WEB server.

Support maximum 115200 baud rate communication, which can meet the needs of large amounts of data communication
Support Ethernet communication of programming software WPLSoft and ISPSoft
The power circuit adopts an anti-reverse connection design.

It is widely used in the signal acquisition and control of industrial field equipment.


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