The ETH-FX-2P module is an economical Ethernet communication processor, which can realize most of the PLC network communication functions of the Mitsubishi FX series, and remotely upload, download and monitor the PLC through the upper computer software.

The module comes with two serial ports, one is connected to the PLC and the other is connected to the touch screen.The operator can operate the touch screen to simultaneously perform data collection and monitoring on the PLC.


The ETH-FX-2P module is an economical Ethernet communication processor designed to enhance the networking capabilities of Mitsubishi FX series PLCs. It enables remote upload, download, and monitoring of PLCs using upper computer software. With its two serial ports, one connected to the PLC and the other to a touch screen, it allows simultaneous data collection and monitoring through the touch screen interface.


Key Features:

  1. Easy Power Supply: The module draws power directly from the S8 programming communication port of the FX PLC, eliminating the need for an external power supply.
  2. Serial Port Extension: Extend the PLC’s RS422 port to provide an Ethernet communication port and a touch screen communication port. This enables PLC networking and communication with the touch screen while preserving the PLC’s original communication functionality.
  3. Web Server Control: Conveniently configure parameters and operate the equipment through the built-in web server.
  4. Baud Rate Adaptation: The module automatically adjusts the baud rate of the FX programming communication port to meet the requirements of large data communication.
  5. MELSOFT Compatibility: Seamlessly communicate with MELSOFT products such as GX Works2, GX Developer, and more, via Ethernet.
  6. Robust Power Circuit Design: The power circuit incorporates an anti-reverse connection design for enhanced protection.
  7. Versatile Industrial Applications: Widely used for signal acquisition and control of industrial field equipment.

Applicable Scenarios:

  • RS422 Port Extension: Ideal for scenarios where you need to extend an RS422 port of the PLC to an Ethernet communication port while still supporting HMI touch screen communication.
  • Additional Programming Port: Expand one RS422 programming port of the PLC into two programming ports, providing more flexibility in your PLC programming setup.

Communication Settings:

To establish communication with the ETH-FX-2P module, refer to the communication instructions outlined in the 3U manual, specifically Appendix C for MC communication. Please note that the upper computer software must conform to the MC 1E frame protocol. Currently, MODBUS TCP communication is not supported.

The module provides four port numbers: 5551, 5552, 5553, and 5555. Each port can be connected to a single network port. For stable communication, it is recommended to have a maximum of two ports connected simultaneously.

For detailed instructions and specifications, please consult the ETH-FX-2P product manual.

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