ETH-MODBUS-IO16T module offers outstanding performance and flexibility, providing a reliable and efficient solution for signal acquisition and control in a wide range of industrial settings. Whether in industrial control, energy monitoring, or intelligent building applications, this product meets the diverse requirements of various devices and systems.


The ETH-MODBUS-IO16T module is a versatile serial server designed for multiple functionalities. In addition to its built-in capabilities for switch quantity collection and control, it features an RJ45 interface, which extends its usability to include communication with MODBUS TCP protocol devices over Ethernet in addition to its native MODBUS RTU functionality. Moreover, it enables bidirectional transparent transmission between RS485 serial devices and Ethernet, granting devices with RS485 interfaces the ability to connect to TCP/IP networks. With two independent RS485 serial ports, it expands the physical communication link further. The module also supports convenient parameter settings through DIP switches, including serial port baud rate, station addresses, and “six-in-one” MODBUS RTU slave configuration, making it an economical and powerful product.


Features and Functions:

  • 16 optically isolated digital inputs: The module offers 16 optically isolated digital input channels, ensuring reliable signal acquisition of switch states.
  • 16 optically isolated digital transistor outputs: Equipped with 16 optically isolated digital transistor output channels, each with corresponding status indicators, the module enables precise control of connected devices.
  • Two RS485 interfaces and one DB9 female connector: With two RS485 interfaces and a DB9 female connector, all independently usable, the module provides flexible communication options for various devices and systems.
  • One RJ45 Ethernet port with 10/100Mbps Ethernet communication: The inclusion of an RJ45 Ethernet port enables seamless integration with devices using the MODBUS TCP protocol over Ethernet networks.
  • Parameter settings made easy: The module comes with DIP switches for configuring baud rates and station addresses, simplifying the process of setting module parameters.
  • Support for MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, and TCP protocols: The module can handle all three protocols simultaneously and supports up to four MODBUS TCP connections.
  • Built-in protocol conversion: The module has the capability to convert between MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU protocols internally, making it usable as a MODBUS TCP network server or client.
  • Control up to 6 MODBUS RTU slave devices: The module can convert up to six MODBUS RTU slave devices connected to it into a single MODBUS TCP server, consolidating the configuration points for easy control.
  • Specialized upper computer tool for permanent parameter saving: A dedicated upper computer tool allows users to set and permanently save module parameters for long-term validity.
  • Reverse polarity protection in the power circuit: The module’s power circuit incorporates reverse polarity protection to safeguard both the module and connected devices from potential damage caused by incorrect power connections.
  • Wide application in industrial equipment: The ETH-MODBUS-IO16T module finds extensive use in various industrial applications, including PLC control, industrial automation, building automation, POS systems, power monitoring, access control, medical devices, attendance systems, self-service banking systems, telecommunication room monitoring, information home appliances, LED information display devices, measurement instruments, environmental power monitoring systems, and vending systems, among others, which require devices or systems equipped with RS485 serial ports.

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