ETH-MODBUS-IO5R TCP Modbus RTU TCP TO RS232/RS485 5DI/5DO Relay Output With Ethernet Port


The ETH-MODBUS-IO5R module is a high-performance industrial-grade RS485 device networking server that features both RS485 and RS232 serial-to-Ethernet functionalities. It enables Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU conversion and also supports bidirectional transparent transmission between RS232 serial devices and Ethernet. This module provides a stable and reliable solution for connecting devices with RS485 interfaces to TCP/IP networks.


Features and Functions:

  • Support for MODBUS TCP: The module supports MODBUS TCP and includes built-in MODBUS TCP protocol parsing to achieve IO port expansion.
  • MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU conversion: It enables the transmission of MODBUS TCP data through RS485 network communication.
  • RS232 transparent transmission: The module supports one TCP connection and allows network data to be transparently transmitted through RS232.
  • 5 optically isolated digital inputs and 5 relay digital outputs: The module offers 5 optically isolated digital input channels and 5 relay digital output channels for precise signal acquisition and control.
  • Support for MODBUS RTU standard communication: The module supports MODBUS RTU standard communication and enables networking through the RS485 interface.
  • Status indicators: The module includes 5 input status indicators and 5 output status indicators, providing visual feedback on the module’s operation.
  • Reverse polarity protection in the power circuit: The module’s power circuit incorporates reverse polarity protection to safeguard the module and connected devices from potential damage caused by incorrect power connections.
  • Wide application in industrial equipment: The ETH-MODBUS-IO5R module is suitable for various industrial applications, including PLC control, industrial automation, building automation, POS systems, power monitoring, access control, medical devices, attendance systems, self-service banking systems, telecommunication room monitoring, information home appliances, LED information display devices, measurement instruments, environmental power monitoring systems, and vending systems, among others, which require devices or systems equipped with RS485/RS232 serial ports.
  • Specialized upper computer tool for permanent parameter saving: A dedicated upper computer tool allows users to set and permanently save module parameters for long-term validity.

The ETH-MODBUS-IO5R module offers a versatile and reliable solution for signal acquisition and control in industrial environments. Its compatibility with both RS485 and RS232 interfaces makes it a valuable asset for connecting various devices and systems to TCP/IP networks, enhancing their networking capabilities.

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