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  • 8-channel photoelectric isolation digital input, 8-channel relay digital output (corresponding to the number of status indicators)
  • 6-channel 12-bit analog input, 1-way 12-bit analog output
  • 2-channel 485 interface, 1-way DB9 master, 1-way terminal, independent use
  • RJ45 port, 10/100 Mbps Ethernet communication
  • With baud rate, station number dial switch, easy-to-set module parameters
  • It supports Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and TCP protocol, and also supports 4 Modbus TCP connections
  • The system has built-in Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU, and Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP; it can be used as a TCP network server or client
  • It supports converting up to 6 Modbus RTU slave stations and this module into 1 Modbus TCP server control corresponding to the number of configuration points
  • The special upper computer can set the module parameters to be saved permanently
  • The power supply circuit adopts an anti-reverse connection design
  • It is widely used in signal acquisition and control of industrial field equipment

ETH-MODBUS-IO8R-A Data Acquisition Module User Manual


ETH-MODBUS-IO8R-A module is a multi-function serial port server. In addition to the on-off data acquisition and control, analog data acquisition, and output channels, the RJ45 interface is added to make it work on Modbus RTU function for serial communication, by increasing the conversion of Modbus TCP protocol communication with the network interface equipment, the equipment with RS485 interface can be connected to TCP/IP network through the two-way transparent transmission between RS485 serial port and Ethernet. At the same time, 2 independent RS485 serial ports extend 1 physical communication link. More support dial code set serial port baud rate, station number, “6 in 1” RTU from Modbus station, and other practical functions, is economic stability, powerful products.

The ETH-MODBUS-IO8R-A is an industrial networking module that allows you to connect digital inputs, digital outputs, analog inputs, and analog outputs to an Ethernet network. It supports the Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU, and TCP protocols, and it can be used as a network server or client. The module has a built-in function that allows it to convert Modbus RTU slave stations into a Modbus TCP server, and it can also be used to convert Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU. The module has an RJ45 port for Ethernet communication and a DB9 connector for connecting to a master device. It is suitable for use in a variety of industrial applications where signal acquisition and control of field equipment are required.


ETH-MODBUS-IO8R module is a multifunctional serial server
Built-in switch quantity acquisition control, analog quantity acquisition output channel
RJ45 interface, in the MODBUS RTU function of serial communication, increases the conversion of MODBUS TCP protocol communication with network port equipment
You can also use the two-way transparent transmission between the RS485 serial port and the Ethernet so that the equipment with the RS485 interface can connect to the TCP/IP network
There are 2 independent RS485 serial ports, which expand 1 physical communication link
Support dialing to set the serial port baud rate, station number, “six in one” MODBUS RTU slave station, etc.
It is an economically stable and powerful product


Feature Description
Simultaneous Connections Supports 4 MODBUSTCP connections and 1 TCP connection at the same time
485 Interfaces 2-channel 485 interfaces, 1-way DB9 female, 1-way terminal
Digital Inputs 8 photoelectric isolation digital inputs and 8 relay digital outputs
Analog Inputs 6 analog inputs: 3 inputs for 0-10V analog voltage and 3 inputs for 0-20mA analog current
Analog Output 1 analog output, supports both 010V and 020mA, selectable via terminal
Input Status Indicators 8 input status indicators
Output Indicator Lights 8 output indicator lights
Supported Protocols MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, and TCP protocols
Built-in Functionality Built-in MODBUSTCP to MODBUSRTU conversion; can be used as MODBUS TCP network server
Ethernet 10M/100M Ethernet
Parameter Configuration The dedicated host computer can set the module parameters for permanent storage

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg







8 Relay

Analog Input


Analog Output


2 reviews for ETH-MODBUS-IO8R-A

  1. Roberto

    Firmware is scarcely documented and all menu are Chinese only turning device to not usable.
    Also manual has too many part in Chinese and continuous translation required to decode information waste a lot of time. User manual can be translated to English by copying text from but menu issue remain forever.
    No firmware update seem exists so menu issue at today appear as definitive severe trouble.

  2. D***h

    first class service, very pleased

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