The ETH-MODBUS-IO16R is a cutting-edge and versatile serial server that revolutionizes data communication and control in industrial environments. Combining advanced features, such as switch quantity collection and control, with an integrated RJ45 interface, this module extends its capabilities to support both MODBUS RTU and MODBUS TCP protocols. This seamless integration with Ethernet networks enables effortless communication with MODBUS TCP-compatible devices, elevating the efficiency and flexibility of your industrial operations.


ETH-MODBUS-IO16R module is a highly versatile and feature-rich serial server designed for industrial applications and control systems. It offers a comprehensive set of functionalities that make it an essential component in various industries, including industrial automation, building control, power monitoring, access control, and more.


Robust Digital I/O Capability: Equipped with 16 optically isolated digital inputs and 16 relay digital outputs, the ETH-MODBUS-IO16R empowers you with precise and reliable signal collection and control. Each output is conveniently accompanied by status indicators, providing real-time feedback on device states.

Versatile Serial Connectivity: The module features two independent RS485 interfaces, one DB9 female connector, and a terminal block, offering exceptional flexibility in establishing serial connections with a variety of devices.

Seamlessly Integrated Ethernet: With its RJ45 Ethernet port supporting 10/100Mbps communication, the ETH-MODBUS-IO16R serves as a bridge between traditional serial devices and modern Ethernet networks. Embrace the power of seamless data transmission over IP for unparalleled efficiency.

Convenient Parameter Configuration: Utilizing user-friendly DIP switches, you can effortlessly set parameters, including baud rates and station addresses, simplifying the module’s configuration process.

Broad Protocol Support: Enjoy native support for MODBUS TCP, MODBUS RTU, and TCP protocols, with the capability to maintain up to four MODBUS TCP connections concurrently. The module also acts as a versatile converter, effortlessly switching between MODBUS TCP and MODBUS RTU as required.

Intelligent Data Conversion: The ETH-MODBUS-IO16R boasts an intelligent built-in functionality that converts MODBUS TCP to MODBUS RTU and vice versa. By doing so, it transforms multiple MODBUS RTU slave devices connected to the module into a single MODBUS TCP server with the corresponding configuration of data points.

Permanently Saved Configuration: Simplify maintenance and setup procedures with specialized PC software that allows you to permanently save critical module parameters.

Enhanced Safety: With reverse polarity protection in the power circuit, the ETH-MODBUS-IO16R ensures the safety and longevity of your valuable equipment.


The ETH-MODBUS-IO16R finds extensive applications across various industries, including PLC control, industrial automation, building automation, POS systems, power monitoring, access control, medical devices, attendance systems, self-service banking systems, telecommunication room monitoring, information home appliances, LED information display devices, measurement instruments, environmental power monitoring systems, and vending systems. Its compatibility with devices equipped with RS485 serial ports makes it a versatile solution for any setup requiring reliable and efficient signal acquisition and control.

Experience the next level of connectivity and control with the ETH-MODBUS-IO16R Multifunction Serial Server. Embrace the future of industrial communication today.

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