Ethernet PLC CPU226


The Amsamotion Ethernet PLC CPU226 supports the Siemens WinCC S7 protocol, which is a communication protocol for industrial automation and process control systems. This means that the CPU226 can communicate and interact with other devices and systems that use the S7 protocol, allowing for seamless integration and exchange of data in an industrial setting.



The CPU226 is a programmable logic controller (PLC) made by Siemens. It is part of the S7-200 series of PLCs, which are designed for small-scale automation applications. The CPU226 model has an Ethernet port, which allows it to communicate with other devices over a network. It also has 24 inputs, 16 outputs, 2 analog inputs, and 1 analog output. PLCs are used to control industrial machines and processes, and they are programmed using a specialized programming language. The CPU226 can be used to replace an existing Siemens S7-200 PLC, or it can be used in a new automation application

AMX-216-3AD23-0XB8 Transistor Type PLC Ethernet Version

AMX-216-3BD23-0XB8 Relay Type PLC Ethernet Version

To replace a Siemens S7-200 PLC with Ethernet connectivity, you could consider using the AMX-CPU226xp. This is an industrial programmable logic controller (PLC) that features Ethernet connectivity and can communicate using standard industrial protocols such as TCP/IP, Modbus TCP, and Profinet. It has a compact design and supports a wide range of I/O and communication modules, making it a versatile and flexible solution for your automation needs.

Q: What is PWM and What is PTO??

A: PWM belongs to analog control mode, when the equipment has the exact requirements for rotational speed and torque we can choose PWM. PWM will simulate the input signal as constant voltage output by applying a high-speed counter, it controls the variation of motor rotational speed by controlling voltage variation.

Here is the translated table in English:

Attribute CPU226-E-R CPU226-E-T
Power Consumption 17W 11W
Program Memory 24K 24K
Data Memory 10K 10K
Integrated Digital Inputs 24 24
Integrated Digital Outputs 16 16
Digital I/O Mapping 256 (128DI/128DO) 256 (128DI/128DO)
Analog I/O Mapping 64 (32AI/32AO) 64 (32AI/32AO)
Maximum Expansion Modules 7 7
Interfaces 2*RS-485 standard PP1 ports, 1* Ethernet port 2*RS-485 standard PP1 ports, 1* Ethernet port
Baud Rate PP1: 9.6k, 19.2k, and 187.5kbp. Free Baud Rate: 1.2k-115.2kbps PP1: 9.6k, 19.2k, and 187.5kbp. Free Baud Rate: 1.2k-115.2kbps
Input Type PNP/NPN bidirectional PNP/NPN bidirectional
Isolation (Field and Logic) Yes Yes
Opto-Isolation 500VDC, 1 minute 500VDC, 1 minute
High-Speed Counter Input Rate 3 single-phase 50K, 3 single-phase 200K, 4 AB phase 200K 3 single-phase 50K, 3 single-phase 200K, 4 AB phase 200K
Output Type ЗА 0.75A
Rated Current for Common Terminal 10A 6A
Opto-Isolation (Field to Isolation) 500VAC, 1 minute 500VAC, 1 minute
Maximum Pulse Output None 2×200K
Input Voltage 85-264V AC 24VDC 20.4-28.8VDC

Ethernet Communication

The product’s powerful Ethernet communication upgrade provides you with more convenience, ease of use, and enhanced functionality!

  • Auto-Adaptive Ethernet Port: The auto-adaptive Ethernet port eliminates the need for crossover cables, making it highly practical.
  • Soft Protocol Station: The soft protocol station offers greater scalability and enables more functionality, accommodating a wider range of scenarios.
  • Modbus-TCP: Supports up to 12 TCP connections, including 6 TCP clients, 3 TCP servers, and 5 TCP pass-through connections with the ability to write messages.
  • S7 Protocol Support: In addition to TCP connections, it also supports 3 Siemens S7-TCP protocols simultaneously.

Analog Input and Output

Analog support includes 2 channels for voltage (0-10V) and current (0-20mA) signal inputs, with the ability to switch and support 1 channel for current or voltage output using dip switches.

Support for Multiple Protocols

The protocol support is extensive, offering powerful communication capabilities. It can handle up to 12 TCP connections, supports 3 S7 protocols simultaneously, and provides 6 Modbus-TCP client connections and 5 Modbus-TCP pass-through connections, allowing for custom message writing. Additionally, it supports 3 Modbus-TCP server connections.

  • PPI Protocol Support ➡️ Dedicated protocol for 7-200 PLC.
  • MPI Protocol Support ➡️ Dedicated protocol for S7-300/400.
  • Free Port Protocol ➡️ Compatible with third-party instruments and meters.
  • USS Protocol ➡️ Dedicated protocol for S7-200 and frequency converters.
  • Modbus RTU Protocol ➡️ Modbus-RTU device support.
  • S7 Ethernet Protocol ➡️ Dedicated Siemens S7 Ethernet protocol.
  • Modbus TCP Protocol ➡️ Modbus-TCP master/slave protocol.

RS485 Communication Chip

Uses TI company SN75176B communication chip with powerful lightning and surge protection features, ensuring secure communication.

Multi-Stage Op-Amp

The analog inputs utilize a multi-stage operational amplifier mode to provide stable and non-fluctuating analog signals, guaranteeing reliable program operation.

AMX-200 Series PLC Product Function Table

if you don’t change the IP address on a webpage, you can use this program to change the IP address.mwp

Additional information

Weight 1 kg



216-3BD23-0XB8, 216-3AD23-0XB8


216-3BD23-0XB8 Relay Type, 216-3AD23-0XB8 Transistor Type




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