The FX-2T1 Mitsubishi communication port Expansion Module extended physical communication port is an RS422 programming port, so it can only be connected to serial devices.
FX-2T Mitsubishi communication module can be connected with plc use directly, with no parameter setting requirement, and no reset button.

Programming Port Expansion Module for Mitsubishi FX3U PLC/1S/1N/2N/3G/3S PLC


The FX-2T1 module is an economical Mitsubishi FX series PLC programming port expansion module, which realizes the expansion of one RS422 programming port of the Mitsubishi FX series to two. When the PLC programming port is occupied and communicates with one device, it is convenient for the user to monitor and debug the programming software, or add another RS422 serial port device to communicate with the PLC.
Plug and play based on the user’s original communication, without affecting the user’s communication settings. Support communication with Mitsubishi programming software (GXWorks2, GXDeveloper), various touch screens, or configuration software that supports Mitsubishi programming port protocol.


  • No external power supply is required, and the S8 programming communication port of the PLC can be directly powered.
  • Extend one RS422 programming port of PLC to two programming ports, and the communication rate of the extended programming port is the same as that of the original programming port.
  • No setup required, plug and play, easy to use
  • Small in size, does not take up too much installation space, and is easy to carry
  • The baud rate of the FX programming communication port is automatically adjusted to meet the needs of large data communications
  • Equipped with 35mm plastic DIN rail holder, easy to install on-site
  • The power circuit adopts an anti-reverse connection design
  • Widely used in signal acquisition and control of industrial field equipment1
Model FX-2T1
Description Suitable for Mitsubishi FX series PLC programming port one expansion two modules (plug and play)
Indicator lights PWR. SYS. PLC. COM1, COM2
Protocol support: MELSOFT, Mitsubishi programming port protocol
Applicable models FX1S, FXIN/1NC. FX2N/2NC. FX3U/3UC. FX3G/3GA/3GC. FX3S
Host computer (GX Works2. GX Developer), touch screen and configuration software supporting the Mitsubishi programming port protocol
Parameter setting no parameter setting, plug and play
PLC port: Mitsubishi RS422 (for connecting PLC and this module)
Interface type MD8 communication female port (dedicated interface definition, not open, use module dedicated communication line)
Transmission rate After automatically obtaining the PLC connection, automatically select the maximum baud rate according to the PLC model
Protocol support FX programming port protocol
COM COM1, COM2 port – Mitsubishi RS422 (used to connect the user’s host computer and the module)
Interface type MD8 communication female port (what kind of communication line the user originally used to connect the upper computer to the PLC programming port, just use that line)
Transmission rate default 9.6K, baud rate adaptive
Protocol FX programming port protocol
Power supply FX series PLC communication port (connected to communication cable) to take power directly or 9~28VDC power terminal
Working environment temperature 0~60°C, humidity 90% non-condensing
Product size 92*60*25 (LWH mm)


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