Yaskawa Mechatrolink-III servo communication line JEPMC-W6002-05-E CN6A CN6B plug

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Yaskawa Servo Communication Cable JPMC-W6002-05-E CN6A CN6B Plug

The Yaskawa Mechatrolink-III Servo Communication Cable JEPMC-W6002-05-E is a communication cable that is used to connect Yaskawa servo motors and drives to other devices, such as a computer or a programmable logic controller (PLC). The cable is equipped with CN6A and CN6B plugs at both ends, which are compatible with the communication ports on Yaskawa servo motors and drives. The JEPMC-W6002-05-E model of the Yaskawa Mechatrolink-III Servo Communication Cable is typically used to transfer data between the servo motor or drive and other devices, such as to download a program to the servo or to upload data from the servo. The cable is designed for use with Yaskawa’s Mechatrolink-III communication protocol, which is a high-speed, multi-drop serial communication system used to connect multiple servo controllers and devices. It is important to use the correct cable for your specific device to ensure proper communication and operation.

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