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The LORA-ETH Ethernet Port Modbus TCP UDP Client Transparent Transmission Server Module is a device that combines LoRa, Ethernet, and Modbus communication capabilities for IoT applications. It offers transparent transmission of data between devices using Modbus TCP/UDP protocols over an Ethernet network.


LORA-ETH Ethernet Port Modbus TCP UDP Client Transparent Transmission Server Module:

LoRa RF Transceiver: The module incorporates a LoRa RF transceiver operating at 433MHz frequency. It allows long-range wireless communication between devices, making it suitable for IoT applications that require remote connectivity.

Ethernet Port: The module includes an Ethernet port for connecting to a local area network (LAN). It provides a wired interface for data transmission and integration with other networked devices.

Modbus TCP/UDP Support: The module supports both Modbus TCP and Modbus UDP protocols, enabling seamless integration with devices using Modbus communication. It acts as a client or server in the Modbus network, facilitating data exchange and control between devices.

Transparent Transmission: The module provides transparent transmission of data, meaning it passes data packets between connected devices without modifying the content. This allows for efficient and flexible communication between devices using different protocols or data formats.

IoT Application: The module is designed for use in IoT applications where long-range wireless communication, Ethernet connectivity, and Modbus compatibility are required. It enables remote monitoring, control, and data exchange in industrial automation, smart cities, agriculture, and other IoT scenarios.

Need to buy 2 units, 1 Transmitter and 1 receiver

lora-eth_ver1.1 Manual

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3 meters, 10 meters

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  1. Serafin Varela

    falta manual de configuracion en ingles o español
    o video tutorial

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