LORA Wireless Module Remote Control Transparent Transmission MODUBUS RTU Protocol Digital Input Relay Output


Need a pair of Lora wireless modules to use
1 Introduction
LORA-MODBUS-1DI1DR is a module that integrates 1-channel digital acquisition, 1-channel digital control, MODBUS RTU, MODBUS RTU to LORA communication, and wireless remote control functions.

Support MODBUS RTU master station to directly access this module through 485 serial port, or use MODBUS RTU to LORA communication function, that is, with our company’s “LORA wireless serial port transparent transmission module” to access this module through LORA communication, and connect the module’s 485 serial port to the module Other slave stations (need to enable wireless forwarding mode), that is, add the function of LORA wireless transmission communication to the MODBUS module sold by our company
In addition, with another LORA-MODBUS-1DI1DR module to enable the wireless remote control function, the state of one switch input of one 1DI1DR can be fed back to one switch output corresponding to another LORA-MODBUS 1DI1DR through LORA wireless transmission. .

In short, the module – to a certain extent, reduces the 485 wiring between the MODBUS RTU master station and the slave station module, or the wiring from the switch to the access device, thereby reducing the amount of construction and maintenance, and improving the flexibility of installation. Economical and stable, easy to install, and highly adaptable products.

2. Features
1-channel photoelectric isolation digital input acquisition, 1-channel relay digital output control (corresponding to quantity status indicator)
●Support LORA wireless transmission of 433MHZ free frequency band, reducing communication wiring
●Use MODBUS RTU protocol communication
●Support wireless remote control function, realize the extension of switching signal transmission distance, and reduce wiring at the same time
●It needs to be used with 1 LORA module or 1 LORA-MODBUS-1DI1DR according to the function used.
●Dedicated host computer can set the module parameters and save them permanently
●Metal black shell, small installation space, vertical installation, with rail card holder
●The power circuit adopts an anti-reverse connection design
●Widely used in signal acquisition and control of industrial field equipment

3. Application Scenarios
The LORA-MODBUS-1DI1DR module can be used in a wide range of applications, such as PLC control, industrial automation, environmental monitoring, measuring instruments, building automation, power monitoring, access control medical and other equipment or systems that support MODBUS RTU communication with RS232, RS485 serial ports.


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