LORA Wireless Module Remote Control Transparent Transmission Communication MODBUS LORA-MODBUS-IO8R-A Digital 8I8O Analog 6I 1O


LORA-MODBUS-IO8R-A module that integrates digital quantity acquisition and control, analog quantity acquisition and output, MODBUS RTU, and LORA wireless communication functions.
Support MODBUS RTU master station directly connect to access this module through 485 serial port (master station port serial port mode), or through LORA wireless transparent transmission communication to access this module and other slave stations connected to this module’s 2 485 serial ports (transparent port serial port mode) Need to be used with the company’s LORA wireless serial port transparent transmission module)
LORA wireless transmission communication function is added to the “MODBUS-IO8R-A” module sold by our company, which reduces the 485 wiring between the MODBUS RTU master station and the module to a certain extent. It is economical, stable, easy to install, and has strong applicability.

The LORA-MODBUS-IO8R-A is a wireless communication module that is used to transmit data between devices. It is designed for transparent transmission, which means that it can transmit data between devices without requiring any additional processing or formatting. The module has both digital and analog input/output (I/O) capabilities, allowing it to support a wide range of sensors and actuators.

The LORA-MODBUS-IO8R-A module uses the LORA (long-range) wireless communication standard, which is designed for long-range communication over distances up to several kilometers. It also supports the MODBUS protocol, which is a widely-used industrial communication protocol for transmitting data between devices.

The LORA-MODBUS-IO8R-A module can be used in a variety of applications, such as remote data acquisition, industrial automation, and building automation. It can be used to remotely monitor and control devices such as sensors, valves, and motors.


8 photoelectrically isolated digital inputs, 8 relay digital outputs (corresponding to the quantity status indicator)

6 channels of 12-bit analog input, 1 channel of 12-bit analog output

Support MODBUS RTU master station 485 wired communication (master station port), or MODBUS RTU master station through 410-525MHz Frequency LORA wireless communication (LORA transparent transmission port), namely “master station port” and “transparent port” two serial communication modes

2 channels of 485 communication interface: 1 channel DB9 female, 1 channel terminal, the two ports are not independent

With the module’s baud rate and station number dial switch, it is convenient to set the module parameters

The dedicated upper computer can set the module parameters for permanent storage

The power circuit adopts an anti-reverse connection design

Widely used for signal acquisition and control of industrial field equipment


The LORA-MODBUS-IO8R-A module can be used in a wide range of applications

Such as PLC control, industrial automation, building automation, POS system, power monitoring, access control medical, time and attendance system, self-service banking system, telecommunications room monitoring, information appliances, LED information display equipment, measuring instruments, and environmental power monitoring systems, meal sales systems Such as devices or systems with RS485 serial ports.

Additional information

Weight 0.3 kg

Fixed antenna, 3m Antenna


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