MD8 Terminal


The PLC 8P Male Plug Connector Copper MD8 S Terminal is a connector used in industrial automation systems, particularly with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLCs). It is designed to provide a secure and reliable connection for communication and signal transmission between devices.

The connector features 8 pins and is commonly used for connecting large keyboards, chassis cables, or other devices to a PLC or control system. It typically has a solder-type termination, meaning the wires are soldered to the connector for a secure electrical connection.

The connector’s copper construction ensures good conductivity and durability, making it suitable for industrial environments. It allows for easy and quick installation and removal of the cable or device it is connected to, facilitating maintenance and troubleshooting tasks.

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An MD8-pin gold-plated connector is a type of electrical connector that has 8 pins and a gold plating on its surface. Gold plating is a thin layer of gold applied to the surface of a connector to improve its electrical conductivity and corrosion resistance. MD8 pin connectors are commonly used in a variety of applications, including industrial automation, computer networking, and telecommunications. They are typically used to connect cables or devices with 8-pin connectors and can be found on a wide range of equipment including programmable logic controllers (PLCs), computers, and other electronic devices. The gold plating on the connector helps to ensure a reliable and stable connection and can improve the performance and lifespan of the connector.


2 pcs MD8-pin gold-plated connector

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